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Genius workout tips from the internet

If you’re anything like me, it’s a constant battle to stay motivated to exercise. It’s not a lack of wanting to. Of course I’d love to be drop-dead supermodel-like, but I’m a master at inventing excuses too. It’s too wet, it’s too cold, I’m too tired, I’ve got that time of the month, my gym clothes need washing… I could go on. What I need is an incentive, so I’ve searched the internet for some of the best tips to get my lazy butt moving.

1. Donate a dollar every time you work out

When every dollar constitutes a step closer to being able to get a pedicure or a couple of hours at a day spa, you’ll be motivated to work out more.

Image: TraceLoops/Tumblr

2. Reward yourself when you reach specific goals

Stop rewarding yourself with cheat day, and celebrate big milestones by buying yourself something you’d normally consider out of your budget.

3. Hire a super-hot personal trainer

There is nothing like eye candy to make you run faster, work out harder and look better than a sizzling-hot personal trainer who literally sets your gym gear on fire.

4. Lucky dip

Every day, your daily exercise routine will be a surprise. On a handful of Popsicle sticks, write a selection of exercises with reps. For example: 30 squats, swim 10 laps or 25 minutes of horizontal jogging. Be sure to throw in one or two rest days and sticks with “treat yourself to a massage.” Remember, no cheating — you’ll spoil the spontaneity.

5. A whiffy workout

Essential oils have long been used to energize and motivate. Citrus or peppermint oil rubbed on the body can be a great mood enhancer, giving you the get-up-and-go you need to drag yourself out of bed.

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6. Document your progress with photos

Get pics of yourself in your fat pants to document your progress. Sometimes seeing the results for yourself is the best motivator.

7. Get an accountability buddy

Having someone you’re accountable to is a great way to keep your exercise motivation, encourage you and keep you honest. Even when you don’t feel like working out, they’ll be the person outside your door at 5:30 a.m. reminding you that unless you’re puking or dead, there’s no excuse to not exercise.

8. Find an exercise you enjoy doing

Image: TheGifLibrary/Tumblr

If you’re the type of girl who wouldn’t run even if her life depended on it, hates walking and refuses to be seen on a bike, then you need to find something else you enjoy doing, whether it’s kick-boxing, swimming or shop-a-thons.

9. Take a triple chin selfie

Scare yourself into a regular exercise routine with a triple chin selfie. Once you’ve snapped the most hideous selfie imaginable, stick it to the fridge as a reminder of what you will look like if you don’t go for that walk or do those extra ab crunches.

10. Padlock the fridge

Ask your partner or kids to hide the key and not reveal its location until you’ve done your daily workout.

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11. Plan a dream vacation

Image: Pixabay

Pick the one place you’ve always dreamed of going to but never had the chance. Book the trip to coincide with achieving your ultimate weight loss goal. Don’t forget to pack your bikini.

12. Join a boot camp

Image: M.E.’sFitnessJourney/Tumblr

Don’t think about it. Pay for it, sign up, and let being pushed to your limits be your motivation.

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