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Man Crush Monday: 10 Things you didn’t know about Jamie Dornan

The Fifty Shades premiere is fast approaching, and ladies across the nation are frothing at the mouth to see the book come to life on screen. It also helps that the flick stars gorg Irishman Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey. Here are some fun facts about him to tide you over until you empty your wallet at the box office:

1. Fifty Shades won’t be the first time he’s dealt with a fierce fan base.
Image credit: Jamie Dornan/Instagram

He played Sheriff Graham/The Huntsman on TV’s Once Upon a Time. When his character was killed off, fans didn’t just protest in the form of hate mail — they also sent death threats to the show’s exec. (Seriously people?!)

2. He’s basically the hottest serial killer ever.
Image credit: Jamie Dornan/Instagram

He’s best known for playing serial killer Paul Spector in the BBC Two drama The Fall, which also stars the wonderful Gillian Anderson.

3. He was a Calvin Klein model.

jamie dornan gif

GIF credit:


4. He and Keira Knightley dated for two years.

jamie dornan gif

GIF credit:

They met during an Asprey photo shoot, and while they dated she introduced him to her agent (to which we say, thank you).

5. He used to be in a folk band called Sons of Jim.

jamie dornan gif

Image credit:

They disbanded in 2008 — once Jamie’s modeling career took off, everything else had to be put on hold.

6. His first film was 2006’s Marie Antoinette.

jamie dornan gif

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Which, as you may recall, also starred Kirsten Dunst.

7. He prefers not to go without his beard.
Image credit: Jamie Dornan/Instagram

He’s always been very young looking, and hated it when his sister’s friends would call him cute. His beard has become somewhat of a security blanket: “I feel uncomfortable without it,” he told The Guardian. “I find myself moving differently. I don’t like myself without a beard.”

8. Sorry ladies, but he’s taken.

brain crying gif

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He married British actress/singer Amelia Warner in 2013, and they have a child together… who basically, totally hit the DNA jackpot.

9. Acting runs in the family.

jamie dornan gif

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His great-aunt is movie legend and Oscar winner Greer Garson. Word.

10. He originally wanted to be a rugby player.
Image credit: Jamie Dornan/Twitter

And we’re happy he changed his mind. So vewwy, vewwy happy.

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