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Cop has his girlfriend pulled over for a life-changing traffic stop

It was anything but a routine traffic stop.

Sara Wolff of Galveston, Texas, was pulled over by police for a broken tail light and outstanding warrants — or so the officer said.

He was really part of a romantic, elaborate scheme orchestrated by Wolff’s boyfriend Gregory Parris, another police officer on the force.

Specifically, Parris had his fellow cop pull Wolff over so he could propose to her. And the whole thing was caught on a police dash cam.

“They both deserve Academy Awards,” Wolff told KHOU-TV.

The fake traffic stop proposal began with the first officer pulling up behind Wolff, lights flashing. He came to her window and told her she was driving with a broken tail light. After he ran her license through the system, he said she also had outstanding warrants.

“Are you serious?” a shocked Wolff asks, getting out of the car and starting to cry. “What are the warrants for?” A lieutenant then arrives to help and says he’s calling for backup. He is really calling Parris to swoop in for the grand finale.

“He said, ‘Do you want her in handcuffs?’ and I said, ‘No, don’t put her in handcuffs,'” Parris said.

Parris then drives up like a knight in shining armor to rescue his princess. He hops out of his patrol car and gets down on one knee before Wolff, who is even more stunned than she was before.

“He said, ‘Sara Jane Wolff, will you be my wife?'” she told the station. She quickly said yes — luckily.

“She might have gone to jail otherwise,” joked Parris.

The couple are planning a July wedding. And though Parris said he was “very nervous” the day of the proposal, his now fiancée couldn’t be happier with how he chose to pop the question.

“I can’t imagine being proposed to any better than that,” Wolff told KHOU. “It was perfect for us.”

How a man asks his future wife to marry him says a lot about the kind of husband he’ll be. A creative, well-thought-out proposal like this one suggests Parris will be a fun, romantic spouse who is full of surprises — the kind of guy who will handle special occasions with finesse and be good at planning rather than throwing things together at the last minute. And those are all important qualities for a happy marriage. We wish them well!

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