The Bachelor game to burn calories while you watch

I love The Bachelor and all its cheesy, unrealistic, “romantic” glory. I just don’t understand why each episode is two hours long.

ABC, could you cut us some slack? We can put up with your weird, over-the-top view on romance in which every season is a smorgasbord of the same one-liners like “This is the perfect place to fall in love,” if you’d just learn to edit the show down to one single hour. Is that so much to ask?

But I have a silver lining for The Bachelor fanatics who insist on torturing themselves for two hours every Monday night, like myself. I combined all the phrases and events that are guaranteed to happen and turned them into an exercise game. Think of it as The Bachelor drinking game, but instead of booze, it’s exercise (sad, I know). But no one will judge you if you hydrate with some wine during your workout — except for your cat which is why I don’t have one.

the bachelor exercise game
Image: J.P. Tanner/SheKnows

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