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11 Women reveal weird things they love about men

We might always look back and fondly remember how our husbands brought us flowers every day for a month when we first met, or took us to nice restaurants and opened car doors for us.

With hope, those little acts of sweetness are still going on in your marriage (with the exception of all of those flowers, which just become a pain to try and keep alive). But the traits and actions that truly make us fall head over heels for our partners are often those unusual and sometimes quirky things that don’t pop up in Nicholas Sparks’ films.

We spoke with 11 women, who happily revealed the secret weird things they love the most about their husbands. Here’s what they had to say:

1. “I love that my husband still plays silly practical jokes on me, even after 30 years of marriage. He’ll pull my bathing suit bottom down while we’re in the swimming pool (alone) and recently filled his side of the bed with pillows so that it took me five minutes to realize I wasn’t sleeping next to him. He has a way of making me feel like a kid again.” – Marianne P.

2. “I love that he has a slight lisp. He hates it, but I just love it.” – Catherine F.

3. “My husband is a gardener — oh, I mean a spicy pepper farmer. He, literally, has 20 varieties of hot peppers growing in our backyard. And it doesn’t stop there. He uses them to make sauce or dehydrates them and makes crushed pepper. It adds a ton of flavor to a lot of my dishes. My favorite was a chocolate scotch bonnet pepper.” – Enrica S.

4. “My partner used to wake up in the middle of the night to get ‘frisky.’ He almost never remembered initiating things in the morning and almost seemed shocked when I’d tell him what he did during the night. Then I started realizing he was in a sleep-like state when he did this — almost like a sleepwalker … just not walking. I thought it was kind of hot, but also very, very weird. I loved him so I rolled with it.” – Mariann

5. “I don’t usually like it when other people challenge me in an argument, but my husband is so passive that I really like when he stands up for himself. I probably shouldn’t admit this, but I sometimes say things just to provoke him so he’ll react.” – Anna C.

6. “My husband will stop anything and everything to pull out a stray dandelion out of our grass. I make fun of him, but love that he is so passionate about our yard (because I couldn’t care less).” – Joanna P.

7. “My husband is obsessed with technology. He has been trying for years to rig up a system by which every single light and device can be turned on and off with one button. I think he’s nuts, but at the same time, I really admire his commitment to making our home more comfortable because it makes me feel like he’s nesting, which is hot.” – Lisa F.

8. “My husband is a cornucopia of weird. He builds airplane and boat models, as well as power plant models. Early on in the relationship, he actually pulled out one of his models to show me and said, ‘This is my favorite power plant.’ Who has a favorite power plant?” – Diana A.

9. “I love how my husband treats his cars — he treats them like they’re his babies. He won’t let anyone drive, park or even wash them. It’s extreme behavior, but I get a kick out of watching him take care of his cars.” – Rose C.

10. “He bursts into a spontaneous song and dance routine every single time we go grocery shopping together. He knows how to make even the most boring chores fun and I’ve always loved that about him.” – Rebecca S.

11. “Ever since my husband took control of his diet and exercise regime, I call him a ‘M.A.M.I.L’ because he’s a middle-aged man in lycra. To some, that might be an insult — but I think he’s totally hot.” – Kim B.

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