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10 Proposals gone very wrong (VIDEO)

The best marriage proposals are intimate, sweet and don’t involve a camera crew and makeup artists.

The minute you decide to complicate matters by getting a flash mob, circus performers or every single person your future wife has ever known involved, you’re taking a huge risk. Sure, you could succeed and yours can be the greatest wedding proposal YouTube viewers have ever rolled their eyes at — or you could fail miserably and wind up on this list.

Here are 10 wedding proposals that did not capture our hearts:

1. Basketball game rejection:
Oh, my lord, this poor guy. For some reason, public proposals have become a thing. It’s all well and good if you want to get down on one knee in front of a crowd of basketball fans, as long as you are 100 percent sure that the outcome of the proposal will be in your favor. Because if it isn’t, man oh man, sports fans and some of the players, even, might find it difficult not to giggle. The fact that this proposal took place the night before Valentine’s Day is really just the frosting on the worst cake ever baked.

2. For love or money
This woman allowed herself to be blindfolded in the hopes that she would win cash at a Washington Wizards basketball game. Instead, her boyfriend revealed himself and proposed — and she fled the scene. Guess she would have preferred the cash prize to the lifetime reward. Also, what is it with men and basketball games?

3. Food court failure
We give this man credit for proposing in the last romantic place on the planet: a mall food court. He certainly managed to catch his girlfriend by surprise. Awful shock, is more like it. Everything about this video makes us cringe and want to give this guy a huge hug — from the guitarist who appears out of nowhere and begins singing “Sweet Caroline” to the crowd watching her ultimately reject him.

4. Mall proposal gone wrong
This proposal is so bizarre that it’s difficult to believe it actually happened. After meeting his girlfriend at this mall three months ago (yes, three), he proceeds to call her a “sweetie pie, chili pie” and, as music plays in the background, confesses his dying devotion to her and proposes marriage. And then there’s a slap. And there’s really nothing more you can say after there is a slap.

5. Hell on Ellen
This adorable guy was a huge fan of Ellen DeGeneres and thought it would be cute to propose to the love of his life on television. It would have been adorable, had she not burst into tears and repeatedly admitted she couldn’t do it. Ellen’s people quickly attempted to turn the moment into a happy holiday one, but it isn’t easy to bounce back from such harsh rejection.

6. Public display of humiliation
Most women don’t want to be proposed to in front of all of New York City. If you’re about to marry someone, you should at least know this much about them. The man in this video met his girlfriend on this insanely public staircase in the Big Apple. He explains to the crowd gathered there, minding their own business, that he wants them to witness what he’s about to do, as his “future man of honor” films the entire thing. As you can guess, it has an absolutely disastrous ending.

7. House party proposal
A beautiful, modern young woman decides to take matters into her own hands and propose to her boyfriend — at a house party that looks like it is set in a frat house, complete with cheering, beer-swilling dudes. What could go wrong?! We have no idea what her boyfriend whispered into her ear at the end of this, but we can guess it wasn’t “yes.”

8. A cappella proposal
Everything you need to know about how this woman really feels about her boyfriend, even as he’s singing his heart out to her in front of a club filled with revelers, is written across her face. But, considering how this man isn’t reading her body language, he probably got the hint when she repeatedly said, “Stop,” and tried to shut the ring box while he was still holding it.

9. Rejection on live TV
Consider these the most awkward few moments of television ever. For some reason, a man who seems nervous to begin with thought it would be a good idea to make himself and his girlfriend even more nervous by proposing to her on a television program. After her shock and long pause, she whispers something totally reasonable — that makes it evident she won’t be walking down the aisle with him anytime soon.

10. The never-ending proposal
This proposal is the opposite of a failure. In fact, it’s one of the best ones we’ve ever seen. But it didn’t start out that way, so it deserves a place on this list (plus, it’s just awesome and you should check it out). Jordan had an amazing plan to pop the question to Summer, but she found out about it. Instead of considering his a proposal gone wrong, this adorable guy decided to set up a series of fake proposals to teach his girlfriend a lesson — until the very end, which is well worth the wait.

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