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Next level exercise mat will put your yoga mat to shame (VIDEO)

To jump or not to jump? That is the (burpee) question. Now a brand-new invention aims to answer that question and a whole lot more when it comes to high-intensity body weight workouts. Meet the Perfect Burpee.

Burpees are one of the ultimate full-body exercises. The squat builds your legs, the plank hones your core and back, the squat-thrust works your butt and the jump gets your heart rate up. It’s no wonder it’s beloved by everyone from prisoners to CrossFitters.

The best parts of the burpee is that it requires no equipment beyond your own body weight to do it. You can do them in a house, you can do them with a mouse. You can do them in a box, you can do them with a fox. You can do them here or there, you can do them anywhere! While you don’t need any equipment, sometimes it’s nice to have a good mat to do them on.

Finding a good exercise mat is hard though, as Justin Mendelson discovered when he used to pirate his roommate’s yoga mat to do his workouts. He found that it wasn’t nearly wide or thick enough and his sweaty man-hands kept slipping off. So he partnered with David Gritz to develop the Perfect Burpee, an exercise mat designed specifically for explosive agility and strength workouts.

Mendelson created his mat to be much larger than a standard yoga mat with a thick rubber base topped with slip-resistant neoprene, the stuff wetsuits are made from. The cushy base is durable enough to handle your trail runners and they claim that it’s easier on your joints for other plyometric exercises like squat jumps or clapping push-ups.

In addition to the mat, sweaty Betties can buy a special microfiber towel topper for workouts that get especially damp, like hot yoga. It’s still in the Kickstarter fundraising phase but they hope to have them available for purchase by June of this year.

Do you need a mat to do a killer burpee workout? Nope. But sometimes it’s the little things that can take a workout from tedious to sweat-tastic. This is one fitness indulgence we can get behind, er, on.

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