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What your dreams tell you about your love life

When I was pregnant, I had a dream that I stepped onto a cruise ship and caused it to sink.

Talk about a window to my subconscious. While that particular dream clearly represented my very real weight gain, most dreams are a little bit more challenging to decipher — particularly those dreams about love, sex and men. But those are the dreams that are the most fun to interpret, right? So, I caught up with Dream Interpreter Olessia Kantor to find out what a woman’s most common dreams might tell her about her love life.

“Many times, our dreams revolve around our day-to-day struggles,” Kantor said. “They often reflect our subconscious desires or feelings.” She further explained that women who tend to ignore or rationalize their gut feelings about a relationship can look closely at dreams for hidden symbols or meanings about their love lives.

For example, Kantor said that it’s common for a woman to dream that she is sleeping in bed with her partner in a darkly lit room. When she goes to kiss her man, however, his face changes into previous lovers or her father. “The underpinnings in this dream are the uneasiness and insecurity it represents,” she said. “To rest in a place that is supposed to feel safe, and to discover you don’t know who you’re sleeping next to is a clear indication to me that you don’t feel secure in the relationship.”

The 12 universal dreams and what they mean

Of course, dreams take shape in countless different ways, and usually reflect the culture and personal experiences of the dreamer. If you’re not sure how to interpret your most recent dream, Kantor explained that there are 12 universal types of dreams, which are usually tied to a particular problem or concern. They won’t always relate to your love life, but they often do.

1. If you’re chased or attacked/loved or embraced: You are trying to make sense of a circumstance in a relationship that you cannot change or overcome.

2. If you’re injured or dying/healed or reborn: You are passing from one stage of life to another. For instance, initiating a separation or feeling romantic with a new date.

3. If you’re having car trouble: You are overspending your energy on a situation with your partner.

4. If your property is damaged/improved: You are trying to reflect on personal changes, and how that will affect your home life with a spouse or boyfriend.

5. If you have poor performance/outstanding performance: You perceive that you are either passing or failing at a relationship that is important to you.

6. If you’re naked/If you look great: You are feeling exposed to judgment in your relationships.

7. If you’re missing transportation/happily traveling: You are reflecting on your journey through life, and wondering where to go next — either figuratively or literally.

8. If you have machine malfunctions/no malfunctions: You are taking life passively and giving your power to someone else, perhaps a boyfriend or spouse.

9. If you survive a natural disaster/see natural beauty: You are appreciating your love life right now, and enjoying its beauty and your happiness.

10. If you’re lost/discover a new place: You have lost your sense of direction in your present circumstances, whether it’s with a boyfriend, spouse or something else.

11. If you’re haunted or guided by the dead: There is unfinished business with someone you love.

12. If you’re falling or drowning/flying or swimming: You have a major choice to make about your relationship, which you believe defines success or failure.

If you want a more personal dream interpretation, you can check out Kantor’s website for more information about the task of deciphering dreams.

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