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Nike confirms self-lacing ‘Back to the Future II‘ shoes are real

Fitness geeks and ’80s nostalgia lovers rejoice: Nike just confirmed that Marty McFly’s self-lacing high-tops will be available for purchase this fall.

Time traveler and feathered-hair trendsetter Marty McFly had some pretty sweet gear in Back to the Future II. ’80s movie fans will remember that his epic journey to the future landed him in 2015, exactly where we are now except without hoverboards or auto-drying clothing (sadly). Fortunately our fashion game is a lot better than the weird cyborg trend prophesied by the film. And now Nike has announced that there will be one crossover from the movie into real life: Marty’s rad self-lacing shoes will be ready for your hoverboardless-feet by Oct. 21, 2015 — the day he arrived in the future.

In honor of the McFlys we decided to look at some other futuristic shoe trends that have actually made it to the present.

1. Shoes that inflate.

Hi, your mom called. She’d like you to know you left your high-tops with the weird pump thingy on the tongue, in your boxes of stuff in her basement. They’re right next to your Popples and on top of your stack of Garbage Pail Kids. She still doesn’t know why you begged for Reebok Pumps since the only thing that seems to inflate is the plastic button but weren’t you just the cutest in 1989? Call her back.

2. Shoes that make you feel like you’re walking on the moon.

Jumping around is not only fun but it’s great cardio and good for your lymphatic system. Unfortunately, bouncing on plain ol’ feet is boring and trampolines aren’t terribly portable. But Kangoo Jumps are like little trampolines for your feet, thanks their double bow on the bottom that allows you to workout like a kangaroo. Or a human in funny shoes.

3. Shoes with built-in bounce.

Z-Coils look like what Lady Gaga would design if she were into Jazzercize. Thanks to the exposed metal spring under the heel, you have all the cushy benefits of walking on air but with all the high benefits of a nice pair of pumps. Why Tigger, you’re all grown up!

4. Shoes that change color.

Hypercolor T-shirts are so old-school. (And better left in school; thanks to their pattern of going lightest wherever skin touched the shirt everyone knew exactly who the most well-endowed girl in sixth grade was!) Now you can wear the color-changing technology on your toes with Crocs Chameleons. The shoes start out translucent and, when exposed to UV rays from sunlight, change to a bright color or pattern.

5. Shoes that glow in the dark.

Responsible nurse by day, wild runner by night! Nike’s new Air Max glow-in-the-dark line look like demure (boring, even!) white shoes but lace up in the dark and a funky animal print is revealed. Perfect for all your Soul Cycle and rave needs.

6. Shoes that play music.

Make every day a flash mob by using your shoes to lay down a sick beat while you’re dancing in them. The Adidas Megalizer sneakers have built-in sound technology to turn your happy feet into happy tunes. Warning: They will not automatically make you a good musician. Your particular gait may sound more like Tiny Tim on the Ukelele than Usher.

7. Shoes that give directions.

Like biting your tongue and sweat stains on gray yoga pants, getting lost is just a sad part of life. But now instead of asking for a stranger to point you in the right direction, your shoes can give you a subtle nudge back on track. The Lechal sneaker is bluetooth enabled and syncs with Google maps. They buzz on your right or left foot, depending on which direction you should turn. You’ll never look dumb asking for directions again! (Although you might look dumb arguing with your shoes about a street closed for construction.)

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