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What men say vs. what women hear in GIFs

Guys and girls can be so different that sometimes it seems as though we’re not even speaking the same language. But too often, men say one thing and really mean something else — and women misinterpret it all. We’re here to decode some common male phrases so you can stop playing guessing games.

1. What he says: “OK, fine.”

What she hears: I’m so annoyed at you right now.

Phoebe angry GIF

Image: Giphy

What he means: I just want to end this conversation. It’s been going on forever!

Ryan Reynolds annoyed GIF

Image: Giphy

2. What he says: “Nothing’s wrong.”

What she hears: Something is definitely wrong but he’s shutting me out. Maybe it’s me!

Shutting me out GIF

Image: Giphy

What he really means: I had a terrible day but don’t feel like talking about it. So let’s drop it.

Mean Girls shut up GIF

Image: Giphy

3. What he says: “You look nice!”

What she hears: You’re beautiful!

Grace Kelly GIF

Image: Giphy

What he really means: You do look nice, but I’m saying that so you’ll get out the door.

Judge Judy Hurry Up GIF

Image: Giphy

4. What he says: “Are you going to eat all that?”

What she hears: You look like you’ve gained weight lately.

Brittany Murphy Clueless GIF

Image: Giphy

What he really means: I’m hungry and I want to finish your food!

Kate Hudson Hungry GIF

Image: Giphy

5. What he says: “I love you.”

What she hears: I love you, and I want to get married!

The Office Jim and Pam Wedding GIF

Image: Giphy

What he really means: I love you, and I want to have sex!

Friends Sex GIF

Image: Giphy

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