Woman kills cheating husband’s manhood, by cutting it off twice

A woman in China caught her husband, Fan Lung, cheating after he sent an email to his secret mistress and forgot to log out of his account. He made a big mistake not sleeping with one eye open that night because his wife, Feng, proceeded to grab scissors, walk right into their bedroom and cut off his penis.

Just like that, 32-year-old Fan Lung was without a penis. He was rushed to the hospital and they did what they usually do in these situations: sewed it back on. But I wouldn’t be writing this article if the story ended there.

As Fan was recovering in the hospital, his wife snuck in and cut the thing off again and tossed the sucker out the window at which point The New York Post reports, “Despite desperate search efforts, authorities were unable to find Lung’s manhood.”

Even more depressing is that the Central European News told The Post they believe it was picked up by a stray dog or cat. While I’d never condone cheating on your spouse, can we all agree that Feng took it too far? And so did Fan.

He responded to her second successful attempt to sever his member by chasing her into the street and hitting her, after which she also had to be treated, according to one of the hospital reps.

I think it’s safe to say there’s a much less violent way to deal with a cheating spouse. Not to mention, the couple has five kids together who are probably more than thrown by all the commotion this has brought to their lives.

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