Woman has the ultimate response to men who say ‘I’m too big for condoms’?

If you have ever been a sexually active single woman, then you have surely heard the bevy of excuses men can come up with when it comes to wearing a condom. But the all-time favorite has to be this one: “I’m too big.” OK, suuure you are, buckaroo. Singer Zara Larsson put that excuse to the test with some absolutely hilarious results.

Yesterday, Larsson pulled a condom over her entire leg with the caption: “To all the guys saying ‘my dick is too big for condoms TAKE A SEAT.” See below:

It’s perfect, right? Have you ever seen a man as big as a pop star’s leg? No? Then suck it up, dude. Even though this is a comical way of dealing with it, the fact that so many men do have this issue and do, in fact, ask women if they can go “raw” because condoms are “uncomfortable.” How many women give in? Too many, I’d say.

In fact, many women I know have been convinced by whiny men to put their own health at risk because he can’t be bothered to wear a condom. So this Instagram is for them.

More importantly, women need to feel empowered to call dudes out on this stuff. No. You are not too big. No, you don’t get to have sex unless you take the proper precaution. So how can women do this? Show him this photo. If that doesn’t work, try being honest. “It’s not safe sex unless a condom is involved.” If that doesn’t work, humor might. “Not without a raincoat, you don’t!” Of course any woman who feels she has to convince a guy to value her (and his own) health might also want to consider whether or not he’s worth sleeping with.

After all, his refusal to wear a condom could also indicate a lot more about his personality. Does he want a baby? If not, does he think you are entirely responsible for birth control? Do you want a baby with him? These are all the questions that arise when considering going sans condom. So you know what? Just wrap it up if you’re having a one-night stand. It’s the right thing to do. And men, no complaints out of you or you get none.

Have you ever experienced this?

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