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5 Seriously hot ways to get in the mood for sex

I love sex. I really do, but sometimes I’m just tired, preoccupied with my lists or too “in my head” to get to where I need to be to really engage, if you know what I mean.


t Like most moms, I have so much to do all the time that it’s hard to just forget it all and enjoy myself. I call it the martyr syndrome and I am not 100 percent sure that I like it or want it anymore. I want to relax and enjoy myself. I want to have sex without always thinking of everyone and everything else in the house before doing so. I want to just be in the moment but that is, as we all know, easier said than done.

t I’m making a resolution to make more time for my relationship this year. I’ve sacrificed the relationship for the kids for a long time but they are certainly old enough to not need my undivided attention all the time. They are old enough for the Big Guy and I to enjoy some alone time and not feel guilty for abandoning our girls. Because let’s face it ladies, kids grow up and leave, and when it’s all said and done we need to nurture our marriage and maintain that intimacy that brought us together in the first place.

t Even though life and parenthood might try to ruin our sex lives, there are surefire ways to get yourself turned on and ready to go most of the time that don’t take a whole lot of effort other than remembering to do them because, honestly, most of us are too busy to be trying to recreate the perfect night.

t Here are 5 hot ways to get in the mood for sex:

t 1. Don’t wear panties on your next date night (even if its just at the house) but especially if it’s out in public; a little potential voyeurism goes a long way. It literally takes all of five seconds to go commando.

t 2. Take a hot shower, close your eyes and remember the best sex you ever had. Then get out of the shower, and walk across the room naked in front of your partner. I dare you not to both be in the mood.

t 3. Take a naked nap. I get that naps are hard to come by when the kids are little but why not have your husband take a personal day and you both take a naked nap. You’ll wake up refreshed and ready to go with no kids to stop you.

t 4. Read some erotica. I know Fifty Shades made a lot of moms blush, in a good way. Why not download a “good” book of erotica, slip into bed, read for a few minutes, flip over and make your own Fifty Shades scenario? Sex isn’t just for celebrities and teenagers. How do you think you got to be in these dire parenting straits in the first place? You used to be good at it. Remember that.

t 5. Last but not least, if you’re having naughty thoughts about your partner don’t waste them. Text your partner an erotic descriptive play-by-play of everything you plan to do to him once you get him alone. If you really want to spice it up, send him a peek-a-boo picture of his favorite part.

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