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The hilarious truth about how pregnant women view sex

There are a few schools of thought when it comes to pregnant sex. On the one hand, hasn’t he already done enough? You’re bloated and pregnant and carrying his child, and now he wants you to have sex with him? On the other hand, many people consider the greatest benefit to pregnant sex to be the most obvious — you can’t get pregnant.

Let’s have some real talk. There are rumors floating around that pregnant women just don’t like sex. They are likely to lean toward argument number one: You got me into this mess in the first place. Just let me lie here, pregnant and uncomfortable, in peace without trying to slip me a little something.

I have to confess that on my worst days during both of my pregnancies, this is how I felt. As stereotypical as it may be, I wanted a foot rub, or else I didn’t want to be touched at all. But for many, many other pregnant ladies, this is not the case.

According to one titillating Reddit thread, there are women who never felt better than when they were sexy and pregnant. Here are a few reasons pregnant sex is a great idea: 

1. Better flexibility



Reddit says: “We had some of the best sex during pregnancy — I was more limber as my ligaments stretched. As I said above, I was wet almost all of the time — my need for sex turned my husband on greatly.”

2. Increased sensitivity

Austin Powers


Reddit says: “Other than having more blood flow/engorgement than usual, it didn’t feel too different for me. In fact, I felt more sensitive than when I wasn’t pregnant (in a good way).”

3. Induce labor



Reddit says: “Both of my sons were born within eight hours of coital relations.”

4. Last chance



Reddit says: “Remember that women aren’t allowed to have sex for 4-6 weeks usually after delivery, so you might want to stock up before you can’t anymore, and if it’s your first, it might be quite a while before you’ll get into a routine again, if ever.”

5. Make baby happy



Reddit says: “Apparently, baby even likes the rocking motions and feel-good hormones from orgasm, according to my doctor.”

6. Take advantage of feeling great in the second trimester



Reddit says: “Second trimester sex is AWESOME.”

7. That sexy baby belly



Reddit says: “Many people (including men you’ve never met who suddenly think they can spontaneously caress your belly) find pregnant bellies very sexy.”

8. The doctor said so

Tim Curry


Reddit says: “When my wife was pregnant, I could not keep her off of me. She stayed very in the mood all the time. The doctor even recommended we have sex often, and once we got close to the due date, they wanted us doing it every day.”

9. Those raging pregnancy hormones



Reddit says: “My wife got so horny during her pregnancy. She wanted to have sex all of the time.”

10. Try new positions



Reddit says: “Me and my wife had sex more frequently during her pregnancy. She was insatiable… We both loved pregnant sex, it caused us to experiment with new positions that were comfortable and still got the job done for both of us.”

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