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Are you looking to lose weight or get healthy?

This is a question to ask yourself before embarking to spend any energy on any kind of change or direction. So many people will be starting the new year out of the gates with mixed intentions and direction that even before starting there is going to be a lot of confusion as to why they are trying to change in the first place.


t There is a big difference between wanting to get healthy or to lose weight. With losing weight there is a limit to how far you can go, and with becoming healthy we are committing to a lifetime of health. One is very temporary and one is permanent. One is a fast sprint and the other a slow but constant jog. So ask yourself: Am I a sprinter or jogger? Which one of these fits my personality?

t I will give you some advice right here: No, you are not both even if you think you are. You are mainly one, so which one is it?

t Be honest with yourself. Sometimes people feel that it is self-centered to only want to lose weight because they want to look good on the outside. If this is your motivation then go with it if you feel you can reach your goal. The only issue is that if you are only encouraged by the outside looking good, then just like a sprinter you will have to rest after a quick sprint… and during that time you may not recover to keep sprinting over and over. In other words, you might lose weight quickly but more than likely you will gain it back even quicker.

t But some people are natural sprinters and some joggers. It’s just the way we are made. This is definitely true, as we come into this world with a definite mindset and physical ability. We can train ourselves to become one or the other but our true nature will shine through in the end. Whatever is more important to you and that you feel a strong drive towards is the right move for you now. After all, not everyone is looking for permanent change at this point in their life.

t But if you are a jogger and decide to work on your health as a whole, then the long- term effects will also be weight loss if that is an issue for you. Taking our time and having long-term goals gives us the break we need from time to time so we don’t get overwhelmed with sudden changes.

t In the end there is no right or wrong in which direction or speed you want to go, be it a long- or short-term goal, but to save time and energy, just be very clear with yourself so you can get working straightaway and without any detours or distractions.

t Love,
t Yogi Cameron

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Image: Sophia Charlotte/Flickr

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