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Jilted bride destroys wedding dress in the best way

If you were rejected at the altar by your spouse-to-be, would you a.) fall into a corner crying for days b.) party it up and meet 1,000 new men the next day or c.) trash your would-be dress with your friends in a beautiful show of strength and fun? Shelby Swink, 23, chose option C and the results are absolutely amazing.

Instead of wallowing in self pity after her college boyfriend-turned-fiancé dumped her less than a week before their wedding, Swink threw a party. She put on her dress. She invited her bridesmaids and her parents. And she gave them paint. See below:

It’s not every day a person gets to trash thousands of dollars in wedding accessories and clothing, but Swink and her friends did it in style. I’d even guess they had more fun than they would have at the actual wedding. After all, what fun is it to be married to the wrong guy? Swink says her fiancé did her a favor. This looks a lot more fun than divorce, right?

People make a lot of interesting choices when they are in pain, but if this is what she can do at her lowest, imagine what she can do at her highest. She’s lucky to have a lot of time, a great family and plenty of friends who were willing to douse her in paint, laugh with her and maybe even cry a bit. It is a wedding of sorts.

As for her former fiancé? One has to assume he’s feeling pretty bad about himself right now. After all, look at the fun person he missed spending his life with!

“The moment the paint hit my dress I was free,” Swink told She Knows. “I let go of all the hurt and disappointment and became myself again. I am a strong woman who believes that everything happens for a reason. We all face adversity in our lives, but what really defines us is how we decide to overcome that adversity.”

What an inspirational story. What an inspirational woman. She’ll go far with that joie de vivre.

Swink’s dress will be displayed at The Barefoot Bride in Memphis through the beginning of next year. A portion of proceeds from the shop’s sales will go to Be Free Revolution, a locally established nonprofit helping to empower men and women in Africa with trades for sustainability as well as feeding, education and counseling programs in nearby schools and orphanages.

Photos courtesy of Elizabeth Hoard Photography

What would you do if you were her?

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