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Woman gets revenge on cheating boyfriend with amazing gift

A woman who discovered her boyfriend was cheating on her via direct message on Twitter (really?!) came up with a Christmas gift of revenge none of us will soon forget. It’s both genius and diabolical.

Cassy apparently uncovered her boyfriend’s not-so-subtle subterfuge when she looked at his Twitter account. Unlike most girls, she didn’t confront him immediately, but chose instead to bide her time. She wrapped up his tweets in a beautiful box and saved all her anger for the holidays.

Don’t mess with this girl, I tell you. See below:
I love the idea of surprising him with his own words. In front of other people. It’s so much better than keying his car or hitting him or being destructive in some way. Cassy gets her boyfriend back in the way we’d all secretly like to. She keeps the higher ground and also makes him sweat. Beautiful.

Some might argue that she should have just confronted him and left. Maybe it would have been more mature. But what she did isn’t immature. It is genius. She treated him the same way he treated her. When she opened those direct messages, she was shocked and hurt. Now he is, too.

Maybe he’ll think twice before cheating on someone else.

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