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Men are asked to draw the female anatomy with insane results (VIDEO)

Men are notorious for being pretty clueless when it comes to the female anatomy. Our body just seems to utterly confound them.

This cluelessness is especially interesting given how many men seem to think they have every right to legislate about the female body despite knowing next to nothing about it. So decided to do something about it. They asked a number of men to try to draw the female reproductive system. And the results? Nothing short of hilarious.

I was actually surprised at how well so many of the men did. They seem to know their way around at least the outside portions of a woman’s body. But what about what’s inside? See below:
See? They don’t do so badly, right? The real problem seems to be that they don’t understand how it all connects. Yes, this proves the point that men should not be in charge of legislating the female reproductive system. But it also does something more.

It starts a discussion.

No, men, our vaginas are not external. That would be our labia. And the clitoris? Yes, it is a lot of fun, but it doesn’t have too much of a function in terms of reproduction (other than the obvious increased pleasure thing — which is important). There is a cervix that separates the uterus from the vagina and how it works is simply amazing.

I had a baby in early in 2014. A few weeks ago, I was looking at some photos of the birth and my husband happened to pass by. “That’s you?!” He asked. I was big and swollen and naked, ready to give birth. He was in the room. But apparently he didn’t remember.

“You are so tiny now,” he said, staring at me and shaking his head. “Your body is kind of amazing.”

That’s how they feel. They love us and are in awe of our bodies. But they don’t get them. They don’t get the way they are made. This video proves it. And while I do love me some awesome men, I am also well aware that only another woman can really get what goes on down there.

And hey: It’s not like I get everything about the male form. It’s only fair. But I also don’t make the laws that govern his body.

Do you think men should know women’s bodies better?

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