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Groom throws surprise flash mob wedding for his bride

Not every bride would like a surprise wedding. Most of us spent years planning and have no interest in our grooms taking the reigns and ruining all our ideas. But for Christina Green of Georgia, her groom’s massive surprise wedding (for her!) at a mall was welcomed and cherished.

It all started when Christina came to the mall with a friend, all dressed in her wedding clothing for a “photo shoot.” She believed she was going to be taking photos and showing off the dress. What actually happened was so much more. See below:
A surprise wedding! Can you even imagine? It’s romantic and sweet, right?

The truth is, most brides would be horrified by a surprise wedding. But according to Christina’s fiancé, she is not one of them. And isn’t that the point of marriage?

There is no one in this world who knows me as well as my husband. He always has my back and I always know I am safe with him. It’s what makes marriage special.

If Brian Green knows Christina this well now, imagine what their marriage will be like. No two people are the same and part of our jobs as spouses is to know what makes our spouses tick. For instance, I know that my husband hates broccoli and mushrooms. So I never make them for him. It’s a small thing, but it’s part of the package of our marriage. He doesn’t try to surprise me and I don’t make him foods he hates.

There is so much more, too. If these two can respect one another and give each other what they need now, imagine how they will be in 10 years. The love in a marriage — and the knowledge of one another — only grows. In a good marriage, it’s nearly magical.

Judging from the look on Christina’s face, I imagine only happiness ahead for these two. Pure love. So precious.

Would you want a surprise wedding?

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