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100 Small Things You Can Do for Your Health

51. Less Real Housewives, more reading.

52. Wear wrist weights as you’re blow-drying your hair to build strength and squeeze in a quick calorie burn.

53. Avoid using your cell before bed: Doing so messes with your REM sleep.

54. Deskercise.

55. Kiss more. It reduces plaque and has other health benefits.

56. Improve your diet by getting rid of all foods that have a mascot.

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57. Drink chocolate milk instead of energy drinks for a boost.

58. Eat regularly: Women who nosh haphazardly consume more calories and burn them less quickly.

59. Eat more protein, which can help you eat less without feeling hungry.

60. Shop only the outer perimeter of the grocery store. The center aisles are loaded with unhealthy processed foods and sugar.

61. Prep fruits and veggies ahead of time so when you need a snack they’re as convenient as a bag of chips.

62. Avoid impulse buys by always buying your groceries from a list.

63. Sleep, sleep, sleep.

64. Eat warm food. It tricks your brain into thinking you’ve eaten more than you have, so you feel full faster.

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65. Brush your teeth or use mouthwash after eating to avoid the temptation of continued grazing.

66. Simplify your diet. Choose three to five staples from each food group. More variety means more eating.

67. Kill a craving by distracting your mind: Look through photo albums on Facebook or play Sudoku and wait for the craving to pass.

68. Apply moisturizer while your bod is still damp after a shower to help lock in moisture.

69. Ditch the toxic people in your life. They’re. Not. Worth. It.

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70. To prevent breakouts, aim to wash your makeup brushes every one to two weeks.

71. Drink a glass of water first thing in the morning.

72. Wear sunscreen all year round. No exceptions.

73. For a more accurate cereal-to-milk ratio, pour your milk first and your cereal second.

74. Need a productivity boost? Add a plant to your desk.

75. Wake up at the same time every day. Researchers discovered a link between consistent rising times and less body fat.

76. Walk more to boost your creativity.

77. If you’re wanting to lose weight, add more negative calorie foods to your diet.

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78. Watch TV and exercise.

79. If you’ve just had a bad experience, play Tetris right afterward to block it from your memory.

80. Add plants to your home to help purify the air.

81. Inhale a lemon scent to stay calm and alert.

82. Use the app when you’re running. It will choose a playlist for you based on your pace.

83. Cell phones are germy. Like, super germy. Carry sanitary wipes in your purse and give it a periodic cleaning.

84. When using deep breathing to calm yourself down, exhale longer than you inhale to induce relaxation.

85. Improve your posture to avoid shallow breathing and poor circulation.

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86. Don’t forget to breathe. When we’re stressed, our breaths shorten which increases feelings of stress (and who needs more of that?).

87. Play 25 minutes of Personal Zen to decrease your anxiety.

88. Don’t drink fluids with your meals, as they dilute the hydrochloric acid in your stomach, which messes with your digestion.

89. Just before lunch, eat an apple. Researchers discovered doing so may help you eat 190 fewer calories.

90. Walk around while you talk on the phone.

91. Have more sex.

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92. Meditate.

93. Have a headache? Drink two glasses of Gatorade.

94. Nap if you need to.

95. Add more superfoods to your diet.

96. Thursdays aren’t complete without Shondaland. Trust.

97. Ditch doubt from your repertoire and trust yourself. You’ve got this.

98. Create a strong support system for your goals — whether they’re health-related or not.

99. When you’re about to procrastinate, remind yourself that it’s just as easy to do it as it is not to.

100. Always put your health first. Everything else can wait.

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