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7 Silver linings to being single around the holidays

Like so many others, I yearn for someone to cozy up with in cold weather against the backdrop of holiday decor and music. Attending holiday parties stag and having no one to exchange gifts with might feel like a drag.


t But fear not, single people: There are silver linings to being single during the holidays. As an elixir to your pain, I’ve listed seven of these below. If they don’t help, simply take a swim in the eggnog bowl to cure your sorrow.

1. It’s cheap

t Let’s face it: No significant other means no gift for that significant other. You can stack your earnings like a regular Scrooge McDuck… saving up for that day you do have that special someone to buy for, of course.

2. You know where you’re going for the holidays

t When you’re unattached, you don’t have to discuss the logistics of holiday time with families, like the double dip: Starting a holiday celebration with their family in one city or state and then getting to your family’s by dinner in another city or state. If you’re not double dipping, you might do the split: Thanksgiving with them, the other holidays with your family and vice versa the next year.

3. Other people want to date too

t Let’s say the other six things on this list don’t cure your holiday dating doldrums. Well, I can guarantee you that there are several potential significant others in the same boat. The holidays tend to get people in the dating mood: It’s much easier to meet someone at a holiday party with Christmas carols than at an outdoor summer bar doing shots to AC/DC.

4. No in-laws

t Your significant other’s family might be the one family crazier than yours. Or, they are politically charged (opposite of your beliefs of course), or they are smarter than you, or dumber. Whatever the differences are, your switches and energy are always “on” when you’re around your significant other’s family; you can’t lounge on the couch watching stupid TV or whatever chilling out you’d like to do.

5. There are lots of opportunities to meet people

t Not only are people in the mood to date around the holidays, but there are many holiday parties and events that provide opportunities to meet these ready-to-date people. People in the mood to date plus environments ripe for meeting people equals a great chance to find that special someone!

6. You get all the credit for gifts

t Some strange rule states that couples need to sign cards together for friends and family. I’ve always sucked at finding good gifts. Magically, when I have a girlfriend, my gifts morph from caterpillar to butterfly. She wraps my gifts because my wrapping style involves 50 pounds of tape stitching together patchwork wrapping paper band-aids. She ensures all gifts are bought by Dec. 15. But even though I kick in the most money, we sign together. And of course, once the girlfriend’s name is included, it highlights just how bad I was at gift-giving before. When there’s an expert behind the curtain, I yearn for exclusive naming rights for the work.

7. You have a built-in resolution

t Dating requires energy, commitment and perseverance to remain positive when things don’t go your way. It’s easy to get into a rut and swear it off, or blame others for not understanding you or being weird. If you’re still single by 2015, it will be a good time to adjust your outlook and dive back into the action… plus, if you’re stag at a New Year’s party, you can kiss just about anyone you want when the ball drops.

t Do you feel lonely around the holidays when you’re single, or do you like being single around the holidays? Do you have any silver linings you can add to the list?

Image: Pedro Ribeiro Simões/Flickr

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