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This flowchart could help you avoid your in-laws over the holidays

My boyfriend and I aren’t married, but we live together and have been dating for almost eight years. We’re those annoying high school sweethearts everyone probably secretly bets against. We’re happy, weird and probably a little crazy.

As a nonmarried couple with no kids, the holidays were never a big issue. He goes there, I go here, we meet somewhere in the middle so I can see his family and he can see mine. It usually involves him eating two dinners, which he’s never complained about.

Luckily both our families live in the same state, but this year I got to thinking: What happens when they don’t? What if we move? What if they move? It doesn’t help that both our parents are divorced, essentially leaving us with four families to celebrate with. Not to mention, what about seeing our friends and that whole social life thing? Talk about a holiday-planning panic attack. I suddenly started to understand why everyone thinks this time of year is so stressful.

So, here’s a handy flowchart to relieve holiday stress and make a decision based on hard facts, and when you really don’t want to see your in-laws, you can tell him that chart told you not to go.

Whose family should we spend the holidays with?

Image by Tiffany Egbert/SheKnows

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