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Fantastic ‘tampon commercial’ made by men is spot-on (VIDEO)

Dear men, please stop being so afraid of our periods. A hilarious tampon “commercial” explores what ads for these feminine products would be like if no women were involved in making them. Ah, ladies, it will open your eyes.

The sketch comedy group Hammerkatz NYU imagined how feminine hygiene products might be marketed if only men were around to sell them. To say it is eye-opening is a bit of an understatement. See below:

No, men, women do not lose buckets of blood during their periods. In fact, only about 2 or 3 tablespoons are lost. And that’s not all. We are not in permanent bad moods. Our cramps are not debilitating. We are perfectly capable of swimming, running, working out, chasing after our kids and thinking clearly during the entire month. No matter where we are in our cycle.

If you have ever seen a man wandering around the tampon aisle, furiously texting into his phone, then you know what I mean. Men are clueless. Even my husband, a man I adore who has been with me through everything for the last 14 years, stumbles in the tampon aisle.

“What absorbency do you want again?” he whispers into the phone, like I asked him to buy illegal drugs from a man on the corner and he is near a group of cops.

It’s not that hard, people!

Look, I get it. I don’t know everything there is to know about wet dreams, jock straps or Viagra. I don’t really want to know about those thing either. Except for the part where I do. I have a son. I have a husband. I have many male friends and colleagues. I need to know about the things that affect them. At least peripherally. Men should take that same approach.

I think many men still wish we went into bleeding huts our entire week of menstruation. Well, enough already. It’s not Shark Week. We don’t need to be avoided. Men, start learning. Let’s make this commercial less funny because it’s so untrue. We don’t need tampons that can soak up Niagara Falls. We just don’t.

Also, remember: The man who buys tampons and isn’t afraid to touch us one week out of every month also gets a lot more nooky than his clueless brother. If that’s not motivation to read up, I can’t imagine what is.

Does your husband know much about periods?

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