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Sweetest guy ever fills jar with 365 love notes for his girlfriend

Still have no idea what to get your guy for Christmas? Well, here’s an idea that’ll only cost you a few pennies, thanks to, who we’re naming The Sweetest Guy Ever.

This guy wrote 365 love notes to his girlfriend and stuffed them into a Mason jar for her to open throughout the year. He really put some thought into it so if you’re still stuck on what to get your other half, check out how he made this the best gift ever.

All it takes is some colored pieces of stationery and a huge Mason jar. Oh, and enough love letters to fill a whole year.

The 365 Jar

The Sweetest Guy Ever (SGE) got his hands on one that held a half gallon. Didn’t know they made Mason jars that big? Us, either… but some sleuthing at a few craft stores should help you find one.

Then, write 365 love letters, each theme coordinated with a color.

SGE even put an easy-to-follow grid on the back so his girlfriend could choose which theme she wanted to read that day. His were filled with totally sweet and sappy things like song lyrics and “reasons I love you.” Swoon.

The result? A gift that his GF was “ecstatic” over, and it only cost him time (and probably a little carpal tunnel, too). Not to mention, what a great exercise it is for your relationship because you relive your best memories and all the reasons you love each other. Let’s be honest, it’s easier to forget than most would like to admit.

The holidays are still a few days away… plenty of time to get this done. He might act like he’d rather have an iPad, but this is 100 times better.

Images: Steven Depolo/Imgur

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