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What is it about meditation that has everyone talking?

What is it about meditation that has everyone talking about it? Sure it is a trend, but it has also been around for over 6,000 years, so it’s like the oldest trend out there.


t Meditation is actually the final level of higher consciousness after we have practiced many other levels of preparation. Levels like dedicating to a non-violent lifestyle, reading of spiritual texts, practicing breathing techniques, controlling our senses and concentration methods. There are many levels and practices. Before meditation or meditating we need to have the correct method first. But then there is the question of which meditation method is the best for me?

t Choosing your meditation practice is more about you than the practice. You have to know a little something about your character so you can choose the most effective technique for yourself.

t Ask yourself: Am I a more emotional person, a more intellectual person, a more practical person or a more creative character? Does my mind race around all the time, am I quiet or do I find it hard to close my eyes and focus?

t Once you identify which of these describes your character and mindset, you will be able to find the correct method and start to dedicate time to your practice.

t Knowing this one point is more useful than any other. It stops any frustrations of starting a practice and then not feeling connected to the meditation. Once you know the correct method that is the best one for you, then you can just start living and following a certain path and not stopping, starting, getting more frustrated and maybe giving up.

t Here are some effective and powerful methods that you can choose from:

  • Gazing at an object (like a candle).
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  • Visualization. Closing the eyes and using the heart chakra as meditation.
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  • Focusing on our breath as meditation.
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  • Chanting mantras as meditation.
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  • Listening to a sound vibration.
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  • Using Mala beads.
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  • Using a sacred image to meditate on.

t So you see, there are a variety of methods to suit our different personalities so we never get bored or want to give up.

t Happy meditating.

t Yogi Cameron

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Image: IchZeit/Flickr

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