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Woman chooses trip around the world over her boyfriend

I have never wished my name were Elizabeth Gallagher more in my life than I do right now. Because Elizabeth Gallagher just won herself a free trip around the world. All thanks to her name. How did this happen? A Canadian man named Jordan Axani broke up with his girlfriend after they bought these expensive plane tickets. Only a Canadian with that name could use them. And so he went on a search.

In many ways, the story of Elizabeth Gallagher and Jordan Axani is a fairy tale. Only instead of a glass slipper, this is all about a name. Axani started looking for Gallagher last month after he and his girlfriend — the original Elizabeth Gallagher — broke up. They had recently bought this incredibly romantic trip around the world and the tickets were non-refundable. He came up with a great solution. Find another one! And the search was on.

Axani apparently had to weed through quite a few passports and names before landing on the one true Elizabeth Gallagher. She’s blond. She’s pretty. She’s 23. She’s got the perfect name.

She’s also got a boyfriend.

Oh yes. This is a platonic trip around the world. It starts on Dec. 21 in New York City and ends on January 8 in Toronto. In between there is Paris, Prague, Bangkok and New Delhi. If it sounds amazing, that’s because it is. Who wouldn’t want this?

They say it’s just platonic and maybe it is. They will have separate rooms (provided by Marriott), but understandably, her boyfriend is less than pleased. I say: Too bad for him.

You only live once and traveling can and should be a huge part of that life. It’s how we learn who we are and how we fit into this world. We learn about different cultures and how they are like (and unlike) our own. We expand our horizons and grow in ways both big and small.

If she falls in love with Axani (and vice versa), then who can argue with that? That’s fate. And at 23, fate is everything. As a mom of three living in the burbs, I can live vicariously through this story and hope that someday, somewhere, a man (preferably my husband) buys a round the world plane ticket for Sasha Brown-Worsham. I am pretty sure there’s only one.

Would you ever take a trip like this?

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