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5 Perfect gift ideas for marathon runners

Runners often speak a different language. They talk about their running shoes like you would a best friend, they treat their bibs like a badge of honor and have been known to openly discuss their gut issues… sometimes over a plate of carbs.


t So whether you’re a last-minute shopper or struggling to find the perfect gift for the marathoner in your life, here are five great gift ideas for the runner (or fitness-obsessed person) in your life.

1. Compression socks: The ultimate gift of recovery!


tYou might not understand it but runners will wear their compression socks before, during and after runs, and even hide them under their work clothes. There is almost nothing runners like more than a good pair of compression socks to help them recover from run to run. Some of my favorite compression socks and calf sleeves are from Pro Compression’s line; they come in great colors, designs and are super functional.

2. Active wipes: Because nobody wants to be the smelly kid


tForget the fancy lotions and sea salt scrubs (and save your money!). For runners the best kind of body care is the kind that will take them from run to work and everything in between. If you have a runner who is always trying to squeeze in a run during their lunch hour or a midday yoga session, ShowerPill Athletic Wipes are a great gift idea (they also make amazing stocking stuffers). They’re a portable way for runners to freshen up and fit in workouts whenever they want.

3. Sports detergent: Help them keep those lucky race day items so fresh & so clean


tRunners are often superstitious creatures of habits. Help them prolong the life of their lucky race day shirt or socks with a detergent designed specifically for active people. One of my favorites is Win Detergent; it comes in two varieties and helps keep your activewear fresh and clean and will help it last mile after sweaty mile.

4. Fuel belts: Yep, runners still love fanny packs


tA common runner’s dilemma is where to stash the keys, ID and cell phone while slogging out the miles. Putting those things in your pockets will weigh and pull your pants down, or worse, slip out. Give them something they can use run after run. FlipBelt is a great gift idea as it’s a functional and cute way for runners to store all their necessary items while pounding the pavement.

5. Shoe bling: Even runners like to accessorize!


tRunners love their shoes, so why not give them a little shoe bling to show off on their next big race day? Momentum Jewelry’s Foot Notes are the perfect gift as they slide on easily over any shoelace and have many options of shoe tags to choose from. You can select popular runner sayings (ex: one more mile, 26.2, beast mode) or customize your own.

t These five gift ideas are perfect for every runner in your life, and can be a great gift pack idea or even perfect (and affordable) stocking stuffers!

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