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Sexy excerpt: A steamy romance read from Baby it’s Cold Outside

When Grace’s girlfriends all pitch in to buy her skiing lessons so she’s ready for their girls’ trip, she’s terrified she’ll break every bone in her body. She can’t even overcome her klutziness on land! But hunky instructor Jacob Baxter assures her she won’t get hurt, and he can be very persuasive. Grace never imagined the slopes could be this hot…

“Saving Grace” by Kristen Proby

I close the door behind me and lean against the wood, panting, aching, wanting with all my heart to call him back here.

I’ve never done an impulsive thing in my life.

It’s about time to change that.

I yank the door open and stick my head out into the hallway, just in time to see Jacob press the call button for the elevator.

“Jacob, wait.”

He stills and whips his head toward me.

“Don’t go.”

He marches back to me and gazes down into my face with bright green eyes. “What’s wrong, darling?”

“I don’t want you to leave,” I whisper, and watch his lips as he licks them.

“What do you want?”

I find his gaze with mine and simply say, “You.”

“Invite me in, please.”

“Another one of those gentlemanly things?” I ask softly.

“Grace, I’m on a very precarious ledge right now.”

“Won’t you come in?” I step back and open the door wide. He swoops in, pushes me deeper into the room, cups my face in his hands, and devours me with his mouth. The door slams shut behind him and I can only cling to him as he kisses me almost desperately, as though I’m a mirage that will disappear.

He pulls my shrug off my shoulders, letting it fall to the floor, and reaches for the button of my jeans next, deftly unfastening them with one hand. He pushes his hands inside them, glides them down my ass, and lowers my jeans down my legs until they’re pooled around my ankles.

“I told myself that once I finally had you like this, I’d take my time and explore every inch of your gorgeous little body… “

I whip my cami over my head just as he reaches behind me to unclasp my bra and am now pinned against the wall in my plain pink panties.

“… but I feel like I’m going to die if I don’t taste you.”

He kneels before me, yanks my panties down, pulls my leg up onto his shoulder, and with reverent hands, touches the insides of my thighs gently.

“Jacob, I’m going to fall.” 

“I won’t let you fall.” 

“Trust me on this one,” I reply and gasp when his fingers spread my lips, opening me up to his hot gaze and warm breath.

“I just need one taste.” He leans in and places his lips over mine and sucks gently. I plant my hands in his hair and hold on as an urgent wave of pure lust consumes me. I whimper, and my breath comes in shallow, short pants.

“I can’t, babe.” Dear God, I’m losing my balance.

With his other hand braced on my back to keep me from falling, he carries me the short distance to the bed, lays me gently in the center, and continues to feast on me, never missing a beat.

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