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50 Thoughts you have when you finally sign on to Tinder

If you’re single and dating (or looking for your one true love), then you’ve probably tried online dating by now. There are tons of options to choose from, of course, but when the app Tinder blew up a year ago, it seemed that anyone and everyone was jumping on board and the results were, shall we say, curious.

Before I tried the app myself, I had heard all about how it was just for hooking up. Hooking up this, hooking up that, no thanks. But slowly, more and more friends were telling me that people started using it for more than just a quick roll in the hay.

But getting up the courage to leap into the world of this hook-up-or-dating culture was a whole other story. Here are 50 thoughts we all have before our first Tinder date. Maybe you can relate?

As you sign on:

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1. Oh, this is so easy to use! I can see why people like it.

2. Hmmm not a whole lot of attractive people on here.

3. Seriously, am I the most judgemental person on the planet or what?

4. A cutie! OK, I swiped right. Now what? How’s this work again?

5. Ooooh a match! What does that mean?

6. Well, on second thought… maybe he’s not that cute. How do I remove him?

7. Oh, another match! This is kind of exciting.

8. Now what, I wait for them to message me?

9. If I message them, will I seem desperate? Ugh dating is the worst.

10. I hope I don’t end up on Tinder Nightmares

As you start chatting:

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11. Oh, good, the cute guy messaged me.

12. Hmm kind of a lame opening line, though.

13. At least it’s not a dick pic. I guess I’ll keep chatting.

14. Oh, he has a dog! I love dogs.

15. OK, we’ve been chatting for an hour. Are we going to go out or what?

16. At least he seems normal enough.

17. Someone else messaged me! Oh man he’s even hotter…

18. Ew, the hot one is really bad at this whole English language thing. No thanks.

19. He’s so hot though…

20. OK, back to the cute one that can hold a conversation.

Setting up the date:

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21. The cutie’s still not asking me out… This is starting to get frustrating.

22. There we go! Yes, cute boy, I will go get a drink with you.

23. Pick a good place. Please pick a good place.

24. Oh good, he’s giving me options! How considerate.

25. Wait, I’ve never heard of any of these. What if they’re lame?

26. Hmmm the first option seems just OK.

27. Wow, the second option is pricey! Is this guy loaded? Or does he expect me to go Dutch?

28. I like the sound of the third option. And it’s close to my job.

29. Oh God, what if he’s a serial murderer?

30. OK, day set. Time set. Place set. Ahh nervous!

Going on the date:

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31. Oh God, oh God, what have I done? What if he’s a serial murderer?

32. Or worse! What if he’s really lame and weird?

33. OK, be five minutes late. Always be five minutes late.

34. Wow he’s cuter than his picture! This bodes well…

35. Hmmm a little more awkward than he seemed online, though.

36. Hey buddy, my eyes are up here.

37. Ugh is this going to be one of those “he expects we’re hooking up” situations.

38. Well, at least the conversation is going well. Yes to the second drink!

39. OK, after this, no more drinks. He’s cute but he’s not that cute.

40. Well, that went way better than I expected.

After the date:

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41. OK, hug good night… but he said he’d love to do this again sometime. Confused.

42. Maybe he’s too shy to kiss on the first meeting.

43. He was pretty cute, though. But not sure if totally my type.

44. Oh look, I got another match!

45. Oh wow, he’s hawt! And British. Score.

46. Maybe I should message a guy first for once?

47. Cute boy just texted me!

48. Good message, too. And British guy just wrote me back! This is fun.

49. Another match! Man I am on fire.

50. OK, I can definitely see why people love it. It’s definitely addicting…

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