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Don’t wait until after the holidays to end a bad relationship

Your relationship is “over,” but you don’t want to break up because of the holidays. What should you do?


t It is officially breakup season. Yes, if you’re over it with your partner, but you don’t know if you should end it or not, you’re not alone. Until two weeks before Christmas, breakups are steadily climbing to the number one spot of most popular time of year to end the relationship (the least popular day is Christmas).

t Sure, the season is all about love and family, plus office parties, and getaways and you probably don’t want to go it alone. You have already spent a pretty penny on holiday flights and hotels, RSVP’d to parties with a plus one, and shelled out on some seriously expensive and thoughtful gifts, all with your partner in mind. But they are no longer in your heart… and that’s the problem.

t So should you end it or endure the holidays and wait for a “better time?” If you truly know that it’s over and that it’s just a matter of time until the inevitable “conversation,” end it. Believe me, you don’t want to force togetherness, deal with the incessant triggers that will definitely confront you, pretend to be happy and in love, wish you could be anywhere else with anyone else and grate on each other’s nerves to the point of a near breakdown and maybe even a nasty in-the-moment breakup.

t Breakups are never easy to do. Best advice: Tell each other what you appreciate about each other, acknowledge the good in them, the reason you feel for them in the first place, thank them for what they have taught you, and authentically and lovingly express why you’re saying goodbye.

t ‘Tis the season… now get ready for a new year, best you!

Photo credit: Robert Vitulano/Flickr

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