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Hilarious Christmas cards all single women can relate to

Most people think spending the holidays as a single lady is about as appealing as eating grandma’s special fruitcake. Yeah, it kinda sucks: no built-in date for holiday parties. No pricey presents from a guy looking to make a good impression.

Bridget feels my pain.

“I have four sisters. Me and three of my sisters are married. Bridget is not,” wrote Reddit user macbubs. “My parents decided it would be awkward to have a Christmas card with just one daughter in it, so they cut Bridget out of their Christmas card (the married siblings all do their own. Except me. I’m lazy).”

So, she made her own Christmas cards complete with plenty of wine, self-awareness and a ton of humor.


Image: Imgur


Image: Imgur


Her graphic design skills have really improved over the years. Being single gives you time to develop your talents.

Image: Imgur


She said what every single woman thinks when she opens another. Damn. Card.

Image: Imgur


She finally has a special someone this year! So what if he’s plastic and doesn’t talk?

Image: Imgur

This should totally become a thing. I’m going to do it next year because, let’s face it, I’ll probably still be single. At least Bridget will understand.

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