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When you get the flu vs. when he gets the flu (GIFs)

You and your man might as well be from different planets when it comes to how you deal with the flu.

Not only have we heard that this year’s flu shot might not be that effective, but the virus going around right before the holidays is one of the most serious strains out there. Perfect.

At least the men in our lives are around to take care of us.

Yeah. Sure. In Utopia, maybe. Ladies, let’s face it. Men can be babies when they’re sick. So can women, true, but most of the time we’re the ones holding down the fort while the guys take care of #1 (sorry, guys, we know there are exceptions out there — and are you single?).

We hope this makes you laugh through all the misery.

1. When you find out you have the flu you plot ways to work through it.

Edge of Tomorrow GIFGIF credit:

2. He finds out he has the flu and he starts whining.

city michael fassbender GIF

GIF credit:

3. You bring him tissues, flu meds and chicken soup, ignoring all the symptoms that you’re getting the flu, too.

Kill Bill GIF

GIF credit:

4. He seems grateful, but still treats you like his nurse.

Eye roll GIF

GIF credit:

5. You start to wonder if he remembers you clearly have the flu too — the very same virus that’s taken him down and left him for dead.

Ferris Bueller's Day Off GIF

GIF credit:

6. He blows his nose and throws tissues on the floor.

Bridesmaids GIF

GIF credit:

7. You clean the bathroom.

Colbert Cleaning GIF

GIF credit:

8. He promptly falls asleep.

little girl tired beach nap GIF

GIF credit:

9. You finally break down in between dropping off the kids, going to work and running errands, because you’re tired of pretending you aren’t sick.

crying GIF

GIF credit:

10. He’s still sleeping. Snoring, even. It makes you want to throw up.

Tina Fey 30 Rock snoring GIF

GIF credit:

11. You throw up.

Zoolander throw-up GIF

GIF credit:

12. He wakes up looking hella better than six hours ago — or than you will for roughly 15 days.

Friends silly dance GIF

GIF credit:

13. He finally asks if you’re OK and rubs your back for 10 seconds.

Kitten licking dog GIF

GIF credit:

14. Success! Wait, where did he go? And are those chills I feel again? Collapsing… now.

Carey Grant exhausted GIF

GIF credit:

What’s your experience when you and your other half get the flu?

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