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Stranger tells man his girlfriend is cheating

A man sitting at a Detroit Lions football game allegedly saw a pregnant woman texting another man while her boyfriend was sitting right next to her at the game. He was so incensed that he then decided to pass a note to the man to tell him of her actions. Talk about a guy who should have minded his own business.

“Lyle,” a Detroit Lions fan from Michigan, posted on Facebook that he was sitting at a game and saw this girl cheating. Then, like a good Samaritan, he decided to intervene. Assuming this is true — and we all know how many hoaxes like this there have been — then this guy is one of the biggest buttinskis in history. Am I right?

In the note, he said:

Hey Bro, I don’t know you and you don’t know me, but when you get home check your girl’s phone. She’s been texting Jason saying she wishes she was with him all day! Take care, wish you the best, happy Thanksgiving.

It seems like a nice thing, right? No one wants to see a person getting played right in front of you. And by his pregnant wife? That’s awful.

But think again. What if this was their relationship? What if “Jason” was some kind of code word or a game they like to play? What if they have an open relationship? Then maybe you might figure no harm. If he knows, it’s all good. But no. Then you look like a giant jerk passing your own morality on to another couple’s happiness. It’s none of your dang beeswax. That’s a fact.

This is not even considering the more terrifying ramifications. What if this woman was abused? What if this man beat her when she got home because of the note? Would you really think you were some kind of hero then?

Look, for some there is a question about whether or not they would tell a friend if they knew their husband was cheating. Personally, I would. Of course even that depends on the friendship. A close friend? For sure. A less close friend? Maybe not.

Other people’s relationships are just none of our business. From the outside, when we know people very well, we just can’t understand them. To pretend to is the height of self-importance. I would never assume I know better than anyone, especially a stranger, how they should conduct themselves.

Now, this could be a hoax. And let’s hope it is. But assuming it’s not, then this man is a real jerk. And the irony? He thinks he’s a hero. Making him an even bigger jerk, in fact.

Would you ever do this to a stranger?

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