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10 Epic, out-of-the-box places to get married

There’s never been a better time to be a white dress-hating bride with a disdain for bouquets and a very real fear of being struck by lightning if you so much as glance in the direction of a church. With so many out-of-the-ordinary wedding venue possibilities that seem to be popping up by the hour, there’s no reason why you have to settle for a round hole celebration if you’re a square peg couple.

Treehouse wedding

treehouse wedding

Image via ido_ideas/Instagram

You love nature. You want to be surrounded by a million birds and flowers — not a million guests you’ve met three times in your life. Solution: Get married in an actual treehouse (make sure it’s a very well-crafted treehouse) and let a company like Tree House Point take care of everything, from overnight accommodations for your guests to your menu to tours and even yoga.

Weightless wedding

Weightless wedding

Image via Zero Gravity Corporation

So you can’t actually get married on the moon… yet. The next best thing for thrill seekers and stargazers is exchanging vows while experiencing utter weightlessness, and a company called Zero G Corporation will let you float and flip and practically fly after and before you say “I do.”

Marathon wedding

marathon bride

Image via abcramers/Instagram

There’s no better way to make a promise to your mate and yourself that you’re as committed to your health as you are to one another than by getting married right after or before a marathon — just think of the endorphins! Not only will you save money on a makeup artist, thanks to your natural runner’s glow, but your head will be free of worries and you’ll naturally get those pre-wedding jitters out of your system.

Hunting wedding

hunting wedding

Image via abcramers/Instagram

Maybe hunting wabbits isn’t your cup of tea. But if it is — and for thousands of Americans, it is — the thrill of bringing home a little souvenir you’ve just hunted could also double as a unique marriage keepsake. Some couples opt to marry right out in the open, clad in their best camo. Veil and oak camouflage garter belt are clearly optional.

Subway wedding

subway wedding

Image via ilya_bagaev/Instagram

For some, the trains and subways and buses we rely on every day are nothing but germ-infested capsules of misery. For others, they are supremely romantic constant reminders of the person they met on a morning or evening commute. And then you have a handful of those dreamers who forgo a long aisle and instead walk hand-in-hand — all the way to the last car on the N train — where an equally adventurous marriage officiant pronounces them man and wife.

Taco Bell wedding

Taco Bell wedding

Image via super_lulu1/Instagram

And on the opposite end of the marathon-running couple, we have that couple united in their love for all things taco. Any fast food restaurant will do, really, but Illinois native Paul Brooks and his Australian wife Caragh showed the world how to throw a $200 wedding at their favorite hangout when they got married while sitting in a booth at their local Taco Bell. Given the fact that Taco Bell seems to be a popular wedding food for starving bridal parties that can’t wait hours between makeup and pictures and the reception to chow down, you’re really just cutting to the good part anyway.

Zombie walk wedding

zombie wedding

Image via Eli Christman/Flickr

Thanks to The Walking Dead, zombies are almost as hot as your relationship these days. It makes perfect sense then to throw a little fake blood on your face, dress and groom and take your reception outdoors — to one of many zombie walks that you’ll find in neighborhoods across America. You can serve signature Bloody Mary cocktails with eyeball ice cubes, decorate your cake with tombstone toppers, and force your bridal party to carry zombie apocalypse axes. The possibilities are endless.

Up In the air wedding

marriage in the sky

Image via

You consider your partnership a heavenly one, so what better way to prove it than by getting married way up in the sky? Marriage in the Sky is a company that actually takes you and your guests an insane 164 feet up in the air on an apparatus that looks sturdy enough. Brides and grooms then have the option of taking a post-kiss bungee jump, giving new meaning to the phrase leaping into marriage.

Shark tank wedding

shark tank

Image via Rich Brooks/Flickr

Imagine this: white swimsuit, scuba diving equipment, deadly predators baring their teeth an inch away from your face. If this sounds dreamy, book yourself a one-of-a-kind shark tank wedding pronto. At the Lost City of Atlantis shark tank at Atlantis Marine World on Long Island, New York, couples can be lowered into a 120,000-gallon tank where they can hang out with sharks and eels and feed sea turtles — um, and pray they come out unscathed.

Roller coaster wedding

Cyclone Coney Island

Image via emilydickinsonridesabmx/Flickr

Like a roller coaster, marriage has its ups and downs, for sure, but if you’re content going along for the ride, you’re just the type who might flip for the idea of exchanging vows on a death-defying amusement park ride. Even if you can’t make it to Coney Island to have your wedding on the iconic Cyclone, chances are there is an amazing park or traveling carnival just within reach. Ask your officiant to let you say your vows just as you’re about to take the plunge down and then celebrate with a little cotton candy.

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