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National No Bra Day: The best reason to take it off

It’s pretty obvious what to do on National No Bra Day. Just make sure you do it right — this is not a time for wardrobe malfunctions.

National No Bra Day for breast cancer awareness Photo credit: Amanda Rohde / E+ / Getty Images

Ladies, whatever you have planned for Oct. 13, there’s one thing you shouldn’t be doing, and that’s wearing a bra. That’s right. For one day only, you have full permission to let your boobs hang free.

Let’s face it: Few things in life give immediate satisfaction like taking off your bra at the end of the day. Whatever size and shape your lady lumps are, it’s a great feeling when they’re unleashed from their constraints. Sure, bras are helpful, but most of us wish we could do without them.

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So join the braless brigade on National No Bra Day to help raise awareness of breast health.

However, leaving your bra at home doesn’t mean leaving your dignity with it (no Nipplegate à la Janet Jackson, please). So before you whip it off, bear the following in mind.

Top tips for going braless on National No Bra Day (or whenever the impulse takes you)

  • Consider what you’re going to wear. Super-lightweight materials like silk might feel lovely against your skin, but you’re guaranteed to show your nips. Go for a top made of microfibre to keep you comfortable but protect your modesty. If you’re worried about visible nipples, then invest in some pasties to cover them up.
  • The fit of your top is a big consideration when your boobs are swinging around to their heart’s content. Boat necks and deep Vs are best avoided, and really floaty or loose-fitting tops might expose more than you’d like when you’re bending or reaching down.
  • Stay away from tube tops and strapless dresses if your breasts are more than a handful (C/D cup plus). You’ll end up with a squashed, sausage-in-a-skin effect, which isn’t the most attractive. A halter top is your best friend on National No Bra Day, as you can tie the straps yourself and decide just how much support you need.
  • Don’t worry about what your breasts look like. Big, small, hard, soft, perky, pendulous… Boobs come in all shapes and sizes and should be celebrated in all their glory. Just enjoy the feeling of giving your boobies 24 hours of freedom, knowing you’re doing your bit to raise awareness of breast cancer.

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If you’re thinking, “Isn’t it July 9 I’m supposed to not wear a bra?” you’re absolutely right. But because October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Oct. 13 was added as an extra National No Bra Day, originally by

Remember, at some point on National Bra Day, take a few minutes to check your breasts. That is, after all, the whole point of it.

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