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Whoa, Lorde should look like this more often!

The girl is only 17 years old. She should rock the au naturel look more often! Lorde is blowing our minds right now in the October issue of Elle magazine.
We had to look twice to make sure it was actually her! This flawless display of gorgeousness is Lorde, you guys. The 17-year-old “Royals” singer will be gracing the October cover of Elle magazine and shared a few photos from the shoot with her loyal followers on Instagram.

Lorde is indeed 17: Here are some of her quotes to prove it! >>

We’re used to seeing Lorde being a little more dramatic and complex with her look, so this is so refreshing. No dark lipstick or icy stare from under that forest of hair; this is just a stunning young woman. Those eyes! Those cheekbones! By Zeus, why would she ever hide those?
For real, she looks like a heroine of an epic 19th century love poem! Of course, knowing Lorde’s attitude toward commentary regarding her physical appearance, she would not care much for our compliments. She is her own unabashed woman, which is why we love her.

Lorde is the youngest singer to top Billboard since 1987! >>

“I’ve developed something of a fearsome reputation. People know that if you talk down to me, I will roll my eyes or whatever,” Lorde told Elle.

Well, we think she looks perfect and wish she would go for a more natural look more often. Lorde is only 17. She has no need for any enhancement. What do you think of Lorde’s Elle photo shoot?

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