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Brands that support breast cancer research

Want to do your bit to help in raising money to create a future without breast cancer? Taking action is easier than you think. Spend your money where it will have the most impact.

You don’t have to organize big charity events to support the breast cancer cause. All you need to do is think wisely about where you spend your money. There are Canadian companies all across the country that donate proceeds to Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation (CBCF), so when you support these companies, you’re actually making a real difference.

Keep in mind that not all companies and initiatives actually raise funds or donate money toward research or to breast cancer charities. In some cases the purpose of a pink product or campaign is simply to raise awareness, and no funding is generated. If your goal in purchasing a product is to help fund research and other breast cancer initiatives, then it is important to do your research. In addition, not all breast cancer charities are created equally. Be informed about where you donate and where your money goes to ensure as much as possible goes to fund what is important to you.

One in nine women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime but up to a third of those could be prevented. Through awareness and new research, the following companies hope to help consumers be a part of the process of eliminating breast cancer.

Scotties Facial Tissue

Kruger Products, makers of Scotties Facial Tissue, is a top five national contributor to CBCF, and this year the company will celebrate its 10th anniversary of making a real difference. Scotties Facial Tissue’s annual donation from product sales helps fund innovative research supporting early diagnosis, effective treatment and a better quality of life for those living with the disease. For 10 years, Scotties Facial Tissue has created limited-edition Hope box designs supporting CBCF’s vision of creating a future without breast cancer. The Hope box is more than just a box of tissues, it is a symbol of Scotties Facial Tissue’s dedication to CBCF and the partnership they have built over the last decade.


Attention, all tea drinkers! Do you realize that every time you purchase Tetley tea, you are helping with breast cancer research? Tetley has been a corporate sponsor of CBCF since 2001 and during this time has donated $495,000.

Addition Elle

If it’s time you binned your horrible old bras, then why not head online or in-store to Addition Elle. The clothing retailer specializes in fashions and lingerie for the plus-size girl. For every two bras bought during October, the company will donate $5 to breast cancer research. This equates to a contribution of $50,000 each year.


Who doesn’t love soft-serve yogourt? Now there’s even more reason to indulge — 10 per cent of money collected from Strawberry Cheesecake Froyos goes to supporting CBCF. For a store near you, check out Yogurty’s website.

K2 Sports

For the snow bunny who wants to look as cute as a button, head to K2 Sports to get kitted out in the Pink Ribbon line of snowboard, skis and skates. K2 Sports has contributed $300,000 to CBCF since 2004.

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Kernels Popcorn

Twice a year, during fall and spring, Kernels Popcorn goes pink. Every time you buy a medium-size popcorn and the bag is pink, you can be assured a portion of what you paid supports CBCF. The company also offers a virtual gift card, and 10 per cent of the card’s cost also goes toward breast cancer research. Keep your eyes open for when the pink bags come back in spring.

Landmark General Products

If you’re a girl who likes to get her hands dirty and do maintenance around the home, then you are going to have to have the super-cute Power of Pink tools and hardware accessories from Landmark GP. Eight pink products are available, including a hammer, hard hat and tool box. They are available at Home Hardware stores across Canada. Landmark GP donates a minimum of $21,000 each year to striving for a future without breast cancer.

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When you need minty fresh breath, go for the brand that makes a difference. Wrigley, makers of Excel White Bubblemint gum and Mixed Berry mints, has been a supporter of CBCF since 2006 and will contribute $75,000 this year.


Hands up! Who would love to have a Raspberry Ice Architect Stand Mixer? KitchenAid is donating $75 from every purchase and has promised CBCF a minimum contribution of $75,000.

Max Canadian Heathy Vending

Max is a firm believer that eating healthy plays a significant factor in our overall health and wellness. Why not have a vending machine delivered to your workplace? For every vending machine in the marketplace, Max will contribute $120 to help fund innovative research, with a minimum commitment of $50,000 this year.

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