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50 Crazy sex facts for the modern woman

How many of these did you actually know?

26. A woman’s butt sticks out 25 per cent more when she is wearing heels. No wonder Jimmy Choo is adored worldwide.

27. In a newer study, one in nine young ladies has used the morning-after pill after sex. Keep your babies educated.

28. Stay on top of your visits to the gynecologist. Many of the worst STIs you can contract have absolutely no symptoms at all for up to three to five years.

29. Keep it PG and still feel good. The nerve endings in the clitoris extend out to where the pubic hair grows, which is why grinding (dry humping) feels so good.

30. Your pain threshold can increase significantly during arousal.

31. The amygdala, the part of your brain that triggers fear and anxiety, shuts down in women when they have an orgasm.

32. Having an orgasm releases an anti-diuretic hormone, which is why you probably find yourself not able to pee right after sex.

33. You should pee as soon as possible after sex to prevent UTIs (urinary tract infections).

34. A blow job is the No. 1 sexual act desired by straight men.

35. The average cost of a bra-and-panty set is $75. If you’re on a budget, skip the seduction, and go straight to the naked.

36. Every year, 11,000 Americans injure themselves when trying out bizarre sexual positions. Don’t become a statistic.

37. The largest natural penis recorded was 11 inches long.

38. Eighty per cent of women use vibrators to achieve an orgasm by clitoral stimulation rather than inserting it vaginally.

39. Only 1 per cent of women can achieve orgasm from breast stimulation alone. If you are one of them, kindly contact me directly. I have some questions.

40. Know your limit! The average sexual experience lasts 37 minutes.

41. Forty per cent of women have experienced exercise-induced orgasms on more than 11 different occasions.

42. Older women are more likely to say they’d orgasmed during their last sexual encounter than younger women.

43. According to a survey of adults aged 20 to 59, women have an average of four sex partners during their lifetimes, and men have an average of seven.

44. Some sexual dysfunction can stem from how a woman feels about the appearance of her genitals. Love your body. All of it.

45. Festival-goers would rather spend time doing drugs, drinking and having sex than watching the concert they paid big money to see.

46. Women with higher testosterone levels might be more interested in masturbation than in having sex with someone else.

47. New moms are ready to have sex sooner than the six-week wait period instructed by their doctor.

48. Nipples are erogenous zones because the sensation of hardened nipples travels to the same part of the brain as do sensations from the vagina, cervix and the clitoris.

49. At least 50 per cent of sexually active people will have HPV at some point in their lives. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in 90 per cent of cases, the body’s immune system will fight off the disease within two years.

50. About 75 per cent of men always reach orgasm during sex, and only 29 per cent of women do. Actually, most women aren’t able to climax through straight vaginal intercourse and need some clitoral stimulation to help them achieve orgasm.

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