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5 Things he wants you to say in bed

For a man, nothing is sexier than a woman who is loud in bed and participates in a little dirty talk. Below are five things your man is dying to hear you mouth off about.

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Men want to know that you’re not visualizing someone else when you’re with them or just phoning it in, so although it might seem basic, saying (or screaming out) his name in bed is a good way to ease into dirty talk. Punctuate it with a few “ooohs” and moans, and that will be more than enough to get him going.

The action

If you’re being a tad quiet, many men will take the initiative and let you know what they’d like to hear by peppering you with questions, such as “What am I doing to you?” and “How does that feel?” In this case, simply describing the mise en scène and how you feel will suffice. However, don’t feel obligated to use cuss words if it’s not your style. Instead, take a cue from romance novels, and use words like “pulse,” “swell” and “throb.”

Your fantasies

Nothing counts when it’s said between the sheets, so if you’re feeling confident, why not seize the opportunity and tell him all your craziest fantasies and dreams? If the thought leaves you tongue-tied, try practicing in front of a mirror — especially the particularly naughty parts — until you are able to say them without feeling embarrassed or laughing.

Stock dirty phrases

Sometimes just having sex is intimate enough, and the idea of pouring out all your deepest desires, especially in a new relationship, is too much. However, you don’t want to be mute. For those times, any of the following stock sexy phrases will work:

  • “Oh yeah, right there!”
  • “That feels amazing!”
  • “Don’t stop. Harder!”
  • “I want you so bad!”
  • “Give it to me!”
  • “You animal!”

Get creative

Men can be just as insecure as women can, so sometimes a little vocal encouragement is all that’s needed to let them know you are enjoying what they’re doing. Sometimes a few soft purrs can be just as effective as a well-rehearsed speech, so don’t be afraid to get creative. Whatever you do to cheerlead them along will make your bedroom romp all the more exciting.

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