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Free online workouts

What’s better than getting fit and seeing results? Doing it all for free! We’ve rounded up the best of the best online workouts, and you’ll be feeling the burn in no time.

The best free workouts
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Put a stop to muffin top

The best part of a muffin is the top, right? But not when it’s hanging over your jeans. It’s uncomfortable, unflattering and unwanted. XHIT is promising to rid us of our not-so-lovely love handles. With eight core exercises, you’ll be on your way to a muffin-topless life in only 10 minutes a day. Planks are perfection for your posture and for targeting that rebellious overhang. The starfish crunch is just as fun as it sounds and really engages those core muscles.

Feel the rhythm

Blogilates is your one-stop shop for getting your groove on while shedding those glutinous indulgences. Most of Cassy’s videos are under 15 minutes, and you can bet she’ll get your heart rate elevated quickly. It’s never too early to be thinking about bikini season, and with the Hot Summer POP Cardio Dance Workout, you’ll be bathing suit ready. Plus, maybe you can use a few of those moves when you’re out there on the dance floor this weekend.

Be the biggest loser

Be Fit’s goal is to help you “transform yourself.” Their YouTube channel boasts a variety of exercise videos. Feel free to peruse your options, but for this article’s sake, I’ve chosen to highlight “America’s Toughest Trainer,” Jillian Michaels. You’ll feel like Jillian is in your living room, and let me tell you, the lady gets results. I bought her 30-day Shred on DVD a few years ago in preparation for a wedding down South, but you can enjoy it for free. You won’t be sorry, just a little sore (beware of the butt kicks).

Pirouette your way to a smaller waistline

I’m partial to this next one, because any instructor who places a sweatband on a puppy has my vote. Jessica Smith and her pup, Peanut, will sweat their way into your heart. Have you dreamed of being a prima ballerina but maybe lack the coordination (like this writer)? Fret not! You can still share the same physique. Jessica will sculpt you into tip-top shape. You’ll confidently take centre stage after a few pliés.

Fitness for two

Besties Karena and Katrina might inspire you and your BFF to Tone It Up. The pair of perfect 10s have their own reality show on Bravo, aptly called Toned Up. The beach-ready babes have teamed up with Victoria’s Secret to create the Love Your Body series. Karena and Kat want you to discover a confident, fit and fierce you. The fabulous females say there’s a side of you that you never knew existed, a strength deep inside you that is ready to drive you toward your dreams and goals. What are you waiting for? HIIT play on this High-intensity Interval Training workout now!

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