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The single girl’s guide to picking up guys at a ski resort

Missing someone in your life to snuggle up to during the cold winter months? Where can you go to find eligible athletic men? Ski resorts, baby! It’s time to embrace your inner snow bunny and hit the slopes.

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Pick your ski vacation location

According to The Vancouver Sun, the rich gravitate to Whistler, so if it’s a sugar daddy you’re after, Whistler is at the top of the list, with the Fairmont Chateau being the pick of hotels to stay at. If you want to venture farther afield, author of Find Your Match: Meeting Mr. Right in Three Easy Steps, Patti Stanger, recommends heading to Colorado, where you will find the metrosexuals in Aspen and the men who are family guys in Vail — although Stanger’s personal favourite resort is Jackson Hole, Wyoming, the home of oil millionaires and cowboys.

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Transform yourself into a snow bunny

Anything fur trimmed is super cute in white or bright fluoro colours, so you will stand out in a crowd. Don’t forget matching gloves, boots, ski goggles, a cute hat, waterproof pants, jacket and a scarf.


Chairlifts are an awesome place to start your hunt

One of the best places to target men is in the queue for the chairlift, especially if they are standing alone right in front of you. That’s at least 10 minutes in which you can find out if he is potential mate material, and he can’t go anywhere (not unless he wants to lose his place in the line). Aim to share a chair to the top of the slope, and you’ll have a captive audience who is unable to escape unless they plan to jump from a great height.


Men love a damsel in distress

Dr. Alduan Tartt, author of The Ring Formula: How to Be the Only One He EVER Needs, believes men are suckers for a helpless woman; helping them is a boost to their ego. So girls, do what you gotta. If you have to pretend you’re a hopeless skier, ask Mr. Eligible for some pointers. If you can’t ski at all, chances are good you’ll end up taking out your intended prey like a skittle. Or you could feign an injury, forcing him to carry you back to your hotel room.


Hire a private ski instructor

It’s one sure way to get one-on-one tuition, even if you do have to pay for it. Be sure to ask around the resort to suss out the eligible instructors. There’s not much point wasting your money if he’s knee deep in diapers when he gets home from work.

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Get out on the slopes

Don’t sit around the bars, hoping Mr. Right will offer to buy you a hot cocoa. Get out on the snow, and show off your talents (or lack there of). Men love athletic females, particularly those who take their skiing or snowboarding seriously. Even if you’re not the best skier, the more practice you get in, the better you’ll be.


Be adventurous

It doesn’t matter if you ski like an octopus on roller skates; get brave, and head for some of the intermediate slopes. Staying on the beginner runs is going to limit you to meeting Mr. I’m-married-with-three-kids rather than a ski Adonis.


Fake an accent

CNN Travel discovered that one of the sexiest accents of all time is the Italian accent. Time to start downloading apps that teach you to speak Italian. Throw in a few “ciao, darlings” and “sei single?” (are you single?), and what man in his right mind is going to be able to resist you?


Stay out partying

We don’t care if you’ve had a long day on the slopes, if your body aches from head to toe and if all you want to do is have a hot bath and curl up with a good book. There’s plenty of time for that when you are 90. Put on your dancing shoes, and find a piano bar, cafe or club to shimmy the night away.

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