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Quiz: Am I good wife material?

So often we are obsessed with finding the right guy to marry, but perhaps the question we should be asking is, “Will I be a good wife?” Take our love quiz, and find out.

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How old are you?

A. Under 28.
B. Over 60.
C. Between 29 and 59.


Have you been married before?

A. Yes, several times.
B. Yes, once.
C. No.


What are your friends like?

A. Mostly girls who are single and party animals, or I don’t get along with girls and have a lot of guy friends.
B. I don’t tend to have many friends. My partner is my best friend.
C. Married with children.


Do you cook?

A. I’m solely responsible for keeping McDonald’s, Pizza Hut and KFC in business.
B. If you call heating up spaghetti in a microwave cooking, then yes.
C. Just call me Rachael Ray.


What do you think of pets?

A. They tie you down, they smell, and vet bills are expensive.
B. They’re OK, but I don’t think people should have them inside.
C. They’re part of the family and should be allowed the same rights as any other family member, like sitting on the couch. Why else do you think they call it “fur”niture?


Do you plan to work after you get married?

A. Hell no. I want to be a lady of leisure.
B. I want to have lots and lots of babies and be a homemaker.
C. Just because I get married doesn’t mean I have to become a kept woman. I like my independence.


What are your thoughts on having kids?

A. I already have some and don’t plan to have any more.
B. I like them, but I have enough problems looking after myself, let alone anyone else.
C. I love kids, and if I’m meant to have them, I will. But if it isn’t meant to be, I’ll be just as happy with fostering or adopting a dog.


Do you enjoy housework?

A. I’m not cleaning up after anyone. That’s what maids are for.
B. I love housework. There’s nothing more satisfying than a floor so clean you could eat off it.
C. I don’t enjoy it, but I know how to operate a dishwasher and use a washing machine without turning everything pink.


Your boyfriend moves in with you. You expect him to…

A. Put his flea-bitten furniture and sporting trophies into storage.
B. Throw out any reminders of his ex-girlfriends, including photos and gifts they’ve given him.
C. Make himself at home. I’ll make room for his belongings even if they don’t match the decor.


How many people have you dated?

A. So many I have lost count, or I was usually so drunk I don’t remember.
B. One or two.
C. Enough to have learned what I’m looking for in a partner.


What is your idea of a dream holiday?

A. Checking out the party scene with my girlfriends in Montreal or Toronto.
B. Being on a tropical island where I can spend all day by the pool with a good book.
C. Action-packed adventure, doing adrenalin-fuelled activities like paragliding, bungee jumping and enjoying the rides at theme parks.


Your partner comments on a pretty girl. What is your reaction?

A. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.
B. When he’s married to me, he had better have eyes only for me.
C. It doesn’t matter where he gets his appetite, so long as he eats at home.


Imagine your husband is late coming home from work, and you’ve gone to lots of trouble to cook dinner, and he’s not answering his phone. What do you do?

A. Throw dinner in the trash can or at the wall, and then sit by the door, planning scathing remarks for the minute he walks in.
B. Phone him every 10 minutes until he answers, and when he doesn’t, start imagining he’s having an affair or dead in a ditch.
C. Put his dinner in the fridge and go out with some friends or curl up with a good book.


Your partner is planning a weekend away with his friends. How do you react?

A. Tell him if he goes to not expect me to be waiting when he gets back.
B. Cry because I can’t stand the thought of being without him and beg him to take me with him.
C. Completely understand that he needs some guy time and plan to do my own thing with my friends.


After a long day at work, your husband comes home in a foul mood. How do you react?

A. Tell him my day was worse and proceed to list off my complaints.
B. Ask him every five minutes if he’s OK or whether I can do anything for him.
C. Give him some space, let him watch TV, make him dinner and offer to give him a massage.


Your man’s come down with the flu, and he’s driving you to drink. What do you do?

A. Leave him alone and go out for a day of shopping with girlfriends.
B. Insist he go to the doctor immediately. It could be serious.
C. Rent some of his favourite DVDs, get him the necessities — tissues, cold and flu tablets — and banish him to the bedroom.


Your partner sends you flowers. What do you do?

A. Chuck them in water. They’re nice, but I would prefer jewellery.
B. Immediately assume he’s done something wrong or is having an affair.
C. Call him to gush about how beautiful they are.


Imagine you’re married and your mother-in-law wants to move in. What do you do?

A. Tell my husband there is no way in hell I’m having another woman in the house, even if it is his mother.
B. Start worrying she might interfere with our spending time alone together.
C. Get excited about having someone else I can rope in to help with the housework.


What’s most important when you have an argument with your man?

A. Being right and proving him wrong.
B. Agreeing to anything because I can’t stand to have him mad at me.
C. Realizing there are times when I have to decide what’s more important — being right or my relationship.


What’s the most important thing in a relationship?

A. Financial stability and direction.
B. Love. It’s what makes the world go round.
C. Trust and communication.


The idea of having a wedding makes you…

A. Break out in hives. What couple needs a piece of paper to prove they love each other?
B. Excited about eating cake, drinking lots of fancy cocktails and being a princess for a day.
C. Warm and fuzzy. You can’t wait to spend the rest of your life with your best friend.

Mostly As

You’re a party girl who likes to live it up! Your girlfriends are your world, and there’s nothing you enjoy more than a night out on the dance floor. While you’d like to be married, you are extremely picky and want someone who can keep you in the lifestyle you’d like to become accustomed to — expensive holidays and the best Champagne. While there’s nothing wrong with wanting the very best, your friends and partners might view you as being high maintenance. Before you get married, you’ll need to learn how to compromise and to make your husband a priority over your girlfriends. Make sure that when you do fall in love, it’s with him and not his wallet or the extravagant lifestyle he offers.

Mostly Bs

You are extremely devoted and tend to put all your focus into making sure your man is happy. While undying devotion is an admirable trait, don’t forget to maintain your identity. Men love women who are independent, so it’s important to give each other breathing room as well as to maintain your own friendships and interests. Imagine how much more relaxed you would feel if you were not constantly worried about being dumped or whether he is having an affair. Stop putting pressure on yourself to make your relationships perfect, and relax a little. Once you learn to go with the flow, you’ll make some lucky guy a wonderful wife.

Mostly Cs

Congratulations! You are a realist who knows what it takes to make a partnership work for the long haul. You’re not too proud to apologize when you make a mistake, and you make your partner a priority while not losing your identity. While you’re not perfect, you’re prepared to put in the hard yards to make your relationship work. You are well-balanced, sensible and faithful, and you will make a wonderful wife for some lucky man.

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