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10 Cancer-fighting foods

When cancer attacks, it becomes an all-out war of survival. But you can fight back with a healthy diet that includes these foods that might help give this ruthless disease a knockout punch.

Doctor and nurse with healthy foods |

It’s no secret that your diet is a contributing factor to your physical health. In fact, per the Canadian Cancer Society, maintaining a healthy body weight, having an active lifestyle and eating a healthy diet can prevent about one-third of all cancers. To help ward off this virulent disease, you can take that a step further and incorporate foods into your diet that not only promote good health but that are also associated with cancer prevention and have cancer-fighting properties. The following list includes 10 foods that might help fight cancer and that are easy and tasty additions to your daily diet.

Garlic |



The allicin (sulphur compound) found in garlic appears to be the superhero here, acting as an antioxidant, fighting off carcinogens and blocking tumour growth. Not only that, but the CBC reports a recent study that has linked eating raw garlic with a reduced risk of lung cancer.

Ginger |



Ginger also has superhero properties when it comes to fighting cancer. It puts up a good fight against this disease by shrinking tumours and killing off cancer cells while leaving healthy cells untouched.

Kale |



The popularity of kale is surging — and for good reason. This dark leafy green is loaded with healthy vitamins and minerals, and the phytochemical compounds found in kale might help prevent several cancers, including colon cancer, per Life Extension.


Other cruciferous vegetables

Brocolli |

While kale is often thought of as simply a leafy green that can be easily added to a salad, it’s actually part of a large family of vegetables known as cruciferous vegetables. This group also includes broccoli, cabbage and bok choy, and the properties in these foods can help prevent tumours and block cancer cell growth.



Beets |

The substance that gives the superfood beet its unique purple-red colour is also a cancer-fighting powerhouse. It can help stop cancerous tumour growth and kill cancer cells.

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Sweet potatoes

Sweet potato |

Another anti-cancer vegetable is the sweet potato. Loaded with carotenoids, this colourful vegetable can destroy cancer cells and works to reduce the risk of many cancers, including lung and colon cancer.


Hot peppers

Hot peppers |

The capsaicin found in hot peppers such as jalapenos not only gives the pepper its spicy kick but also helps give cancer the boot. According to the American Institute for Cancer Research, this fiery compound can destroy cancer cells and reduce tumour size.



Mushrooms |

Per Cancer Active, mushrooms appear to be important allies when waging the war against cancer. The website suggests that mushrooms might increase survival times and shrink tumours, as well as help to prevent the risk of breast cancer.



Tea |

Adding a few cups of tea — specifically green tea — to your day could potentially help ward off cancer. Tea contains powerful antioxidants known as polyphenols, which can help prevent cancer, prohibit cancer cell growth and kill cancerous cells.



Almonds |

Almonds, walnuts, Brazil nuts and others have natural compounds that can prevent the formation and multiplication of cancer cells. This easy snack can also help fight off cancer by reducing cancerous tumours.

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