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How to get your husband to do more around the house

Whether you’re a working mom, work-at-home mom or a stay-at-home mom, keeping up with housework is more than likely a challenge. If your husband is less than inclined to do his fair share, we have a few tips that will make you both happy.

Husband does chores while wife has lunch

All about sex

How can you entice your husband to do more to help? What can motivate him to be done with that project that has been sitting unfinished for months? Want to know how to get your husband to do more around the house? Wait for it… It’s that three-letter word… Did you guess correctly?

Of all the husbands we asked about what would motivate them to do more around the house to help their wives, the first answer was “sex.” Pretty simple and straightforward — we’re not surprised. We think it’s fair to say that a man will not turn down a romp in the sack on a condition that they complete a request by their wife.

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Woman acting sexy while doing chores

“Help him understand the female brain,” says Dr. Deborah Gilboa of “For many women, a clean home or finished tasks makes them much more relaxed, which makes us much more receptive to physical intimacy. If [his] doing the dishes makes you more affectionate, spell that out.”

If you have a pile of laundry or dishes to do after 9 p.m., and he’s lying on the couch, watching TV, thinking he’s going to “get some” later in the bedroom, not going to happen! But if he helps out so that the house is tidy before 9 p.m. rolls around, you’ll both be much more inclined to head to bed early (wink, wink, nudge, nudge).

Love coupons

One husband suggested love coupons would motivate him to help out around the house more. What’s involved? Create coupons that either of you can “cash in” — a household task in exchange for a naughty reward. You can create coupons with both chore and reward on the same coupon, or you can make one set of coupons for chores and another set for naughty rewards.

To make it even more fun, set up two jars in the bedroom. Every morning, one of you can add one coupon to the chore jar and a naughty coupon to the reward jar. He can choose one day, and you choose the next. It’ll be a surprise every morning, and you’ll both have something to look forward to at the end of the day.

Point system

Another husband suggested a point system for his chores on chart. Simply tally up the points he scores for doing chores to earn yet another intimate evening. The two of you can decide on the levels of rewards. Ahem! Something like, one chore equals a foot rub; two, a back massage; three… Well, you get the picture!

Stroke his ego

Who doesn’t love an ego boost? It’s human nature to want compliments from your spouse. Our ego is insatiable and overpowering; we need to feel important and wanted. Compliment him on his looks and strength. It does work! “Honey, I could use your strength to mop these dirty floors” or “I need your strong muscles to help rearrange the garage.” You’re not stretching the truth; you’re simply using it to your advantage.

If seeing your husband mop the floors turns you on, tell him. I can promise you that he will continue to help out with a bounce in his step.

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Flirty notes

Note with hearts worth 12 points

Send him sweet texts during the day, or leave him little notes saying how much you appreciate him and all he does. Positive reinforcement makes a huge difference in a relationship. When you tell him you’re proud of him or that he makes you happy — even when you thank him — you make him feel great, and he’ll want to please you again.

Hopefully these tips will help get you and your partner’s household chores done so that you can both enjoy more time in the bedroom!

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