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The lazy girl’s guide to working out

Allergic to exercise? Then our lazy girl tips for working out will help you burn calories without having to sweat it out on a treadmill.

Woman dancing at home


It’s sexy time

Turn the lights down and the dial up to sizzle with a raunchy pole dance. Not only will your partner thank you, but a 15-minute prelude to what’s coming next will burn around 75 calories before you even kick-start the main event.

The experts at WebMD report that a 30-minute session of getting jiggy will burn around 85 calories, possibly more depending how ambitious you get.

Total calories burned in 45 minutes: 160 calories without lifting a single dumbbell.

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Vibration therapy

Wobble your way to a whole new you. T-zone vibration therapy machines use vibration to give you an entire body workout. Just 10 minutes is equivalent to a one-hour workout. Studies around the world show it’s a great way to lose inches.


Dance like no one is watching

Turn up your favourite tunes, and dance like a crazy woman. Shake it, baby! Shake it because while you’re enjoying your favourite music, dancing smashes calories. Crazy mosh-style dancing can burn between 400 and 700 calories in an hour.

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Shop ’til you drop

A good shopping expedition will involve hours of walking and lugging around heavy bags full of goodies.

If you make it a point to go shopping at least three times a week, your bank account might become empty, but you’ll have burned extra calories you can exchange for food. Park a few blocks from the shopping mall so you’re forced to walk farther.


Laugh a lot

Now there’s a reason to laugh even more. According to the International Journal of Obesity, laughing can aid with weight loss, and with just 15 minutes of laughing each day, you can burn between 10 and 40 calories. Is there any better excuse to put your feet up and watch back-to-back comedy movies? Or if you’d prefer to get out of the house, sign up for laughter yoga.


Keep good posture

Bet you didn’t know that by having good spinal alignment, you can automatically look thinner. Slouching can give you a pot belly and double chin and make you look wider and older than you are. So stand up straight, put your shoulders back, and don’t slouch in front of your computer.



While sitting at your computer desk, clench your buttocks, jiggle up and down in your chair, and bounce your legs up and down on the spot. Exercise scientists have discovered that restless people burn more calories.

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