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10 Essential products for on-the-go beauty

If you’re like many women, you probably find yourself zipping from one important thing to another, but that doesn’t mean you have to put anything less than your best self forward! We’ve compiled a list of 10 beauty essentials that will keep you looking your best even when you’re on the go.


Hand cream

Hand cream

Your hands are continually being exposed to the elements and can easily show signs of dryness. Keep them soft and smooth by applying a moisturizer regularly throughout the day. Try a non-greasy formula, such as Neutrogena’s Norwegian formula fast-absorbing hand cream (, $8), that will soak in quickly and won’t leave an oily film on your skin.


A nail file

Nail file

Take care of any broken nails quickly and easily before the break becomes worse by using a good, quality file, such as the crystal nail file (, $12), to smooth out and re-sculpt your nail. It comes in a handy carrying case, and it’s mini size, so it’s easy to pop it into a bag or tote for on-the-go nail care.

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Tinted lip moisturizer

Tinted lip moisterizer

Every cosmetics bag should contain a lip balm to keep lips smooth and kissable all day long. But a tinted lip moisturizer goes above and beyond by adding a touch of pretty colour to help brighten your look. We like Sugar Berry tinted lip treatment SPF 15 by Fresh (, $23) for a sheer raspberry colour with a yummy lemony scent.


Blotting papers

Shimmer sheets

Not only will keeping a stash of blotting papers in your purse help you to clear off excess oil from your face; they can also brighten and add highlights to your complexion. The Shimmer Sheet set (, $7) is designed to do just that, but if you prefer a paper that effectively blots away shine without adding anything extra to your skin, Shiseido’s Pureness oil-blotting papers (, $20) are the perfect choice.


Foundation plus powder


Sometimes on-the-go beauty requires more than just a quick touch-up, and that’s when you need a combination of foundation and powder to help you achieve the look of flawless skin. Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation from MAC (, $32) delivers full matte coverage in a sleek compact, and that means you’re only a powder puff away from having beautiful skin all day long.


Dry shampoo

Big sexy

Dry shampoos not only put the kibosh on oily hair; they can also add volume to sagging tresses and help you keep your just-styled look longer, even after the gym or a busy day. We love Volumizing Dry Shampoo by Big Sexy Hair (, $20), which does the job without leaving a lot of residue.


Hair accessories

Claire's bobby pins

Another way to keep your hair stylish throughout the day is with a few bobby pins and hair elastics you can add to your bag. You can quickly perk up your look by simply pinning back your bangs or popping your hair into a high ponytail. We like these rhinestone bobby pins (, $10), which add a bit of glam to your hair.


Hydrating mist

Dry shampoo

Hydrating mist is great for setting your makeup so it will last longer, and it’s perfect for spritzing on whenever needed to instantly hydrate and refresh your skin. Our go-to favourite is Evian mineral water spray (, $15), which delivers a fine moisturizing mist from a handy portable size.

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Eye drops

Clear eyes

During the day, your eyes can become dry and uncomfortable, which can cause them to look sore and red. To banish this problem, keep a bottle of lubricating eye drops, such as Clear Eyes Triple Action Relief (, $7) tucked in your tote bag for instant relief of red eyes and irritation.


All-in-one makeup kit

No makeup makeup

Almost nothing says on-the-go beauty like a perfect palette or kit of essential beauty products. Two of our faves are the Pretty Powerful Party To Go set by Bobbi Brown (, $25), which includes mascara, liner and makeup remover, and The Secret To No Makeup Makeup by Too Faced (, $48), which includes concealer, blush and bronzer.

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