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Best beauty boards on Pinterest

Pinterest is a hot spot for finding new must-follow trends, helpful hair tutorials and the answers to beauty questions. There are a lot of pins and boards to choose from, but when it comes to nails, hair and makeup, some boards are better than others.

Must-follow nail boards

Must-follow nail boards

Nail Art by Christina G. Chen

If you’re looking for the newest and hottest manicures and inspiration for nail art, Nail Art is the place to go. Scrolling through, you’ll see a wide variety of nail art — from simple to super complex — and find all the inspiration you need to be the talk of the office with your unique manicures.

Nails by

Looking for the latest hot shade or tips on how to give yourself the perfect at-home French manicure? Go to’s Nails. This board combines amazing nail art with fresh, new colours and collections, as well as tips on nail care, polish combinations and how to match your polish to your overall look.

Nails Nails Nails by Guin Deadman-Littlefield

With over 350 pins and nearly 2,500 followers, Nails Nails Nails is the go-to place to discover new and exciting nail looks. A combination of high-fashion artwork and the newest “it” thing, Guin’s board is full of whimsical looks we can re-create at home.

Must-follow makeup boards

Must-follow makeup boards

Eyebrow Obsession by Tonisha DePasquale

Eyebrows are more important than some people realize, because their shape affects the whole look of your face. This fun board by Tonisha features different eyebrow shapes, textures and even colours that can help create your perfect beauty look.

Glamour Eyes by Beautylish

If you’re in the mood to try something new with your eyes, Glamour Eyes is the board to go to for inspiration. It features over 50 pins of amazing eye-makeup looks, from bright eyeshadow to creative eyeliner designs. You can learn how to achieve the much-sought-after cat eye and find the perfect shade combinations to really make a statement.

Lips by Rachel Shauchunas

If you’ve been intimidated by lipstick, fear no more. Lips is full of pins of amazing lip shades for any complexion. From step-by-step instructions on how to apply lip liner to tips on creating the perfect ombre lip, this board will have you reaching for that red lipstick you’ve been so afraid of trying.

Must-follow hair boards

Must-follow hair boards

Hair Color by The Beauty Department

Hair Color is one of the most popular boards on Pinterest, and when you scroll through, it’s clear why. This board is dedicated strictly to hair colour and the fun ways you can change up your look with the right highlights. The pins show the latest obsessions, from ombre hair to bright pink, and you’re sure to want to try something new after browsing through.

Hair Romance Tutorials by Hair Romance

If you want to get out of your boring ponytail rut, Hair Romance Tutorials is the place to find inspiration. The board is dedicated to the most romantic hairstyles you can do at home. Each pin clicks over to a tutorial that will show you step by step what to do to achieve the look yourself.

Hair by Bailey Campbell

Hair, as the name implies, is about all things hair, offering everything you need to know about hair care (like using aloe!) as well as full tutorials on how to achieve that cute braid you’ve been ogling. The board features a balance between advice on long hair and on short hair, the differences often overlooked at other beauty tip sites.

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