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Calcium: A total body booster

Sure, we all know that calcium is a necessary mineral and an important part of a balanced diet, but the question is, just how important is it?

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Calcium plays a major role in our body and in our overall health. Here are some of the ways it can give your body a boost.

Boosts bone health

Calcium is one of the main components responsible for ongoing bone health. Whenever we have a deficit of calcium, our body reacts by using the calcium reserves stored in our bones, and this can result in lowered bone mass and a risk of developing osteoporosis. Help combat this problem by eating lots of calcium-rich foods, such as dairy products, and by taking a supplement to ensure the recommended daily intake is met. Be sure to add an adequate amount of vitamin D to your diet with a supplement or through safe sun exposure to aid in calcium absorption.

Boosts weight lossIsolated scale and tape

According to more than one report, calcium might be a viable factor in weight loss. Per Medical News Today, if you are calcium deficient, boosting calcium intake while on a weight-loss program might also boost your ability to lose weight. WebMD reports news of other research that suggests incorporating extra calcium into a low-fat diet will promote fat-burning and therefore help with weight loss.

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Boosts your lifespan

A recent study suggests there might be a correlation between calcium and a longer lifespan in women. CTV News reports that a recent study has cited a link between calcium and a lowered risk of death. The study was strictly observational, and the research still suggests that only the recommended calcium intake is safe and beneficial.

Boosts relief from PMS symptoms

No one wants to be burdened by the monthly symptoms of PMS, and according to the research, adequate amounts of calcium can help. Per the Mayo Clinic, ingesting 1,200 milligrams of calcium daily could help ease common symptoms of PMS.

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Boosts several bodily functions

Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the body, and although the bulk of it is found in your bones and teeth, the rest is important as well. Calcium plays an essential role in many bodily functions, such as nerve impulse transmission, muscle contraction and blood clotting, and it might be beneficial for regulating blood pressure. Per Organic Facts, calcium might even help prevent colon cancer and kidney stones.

While the benefits of having adequate calcium are quite clear, having too much calcium can be a potential risk factor for certain health problems. Always consult with your health care provider before starting any type of supplemental regime, and follow the recommended daily calcium intake guidelines.

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