Summer fling dos and dont’s

Summer flings are short, sweet and super fun. At least they should be. Too easily, though, summer romances can turn from innocent to implicating, whether someone is being dishonest or is in it for the right reasons. These etiquette pointers will help reduce the risk of breaking hearts and shortchanging your experience.

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Do be honest with your partner

A short-lived, purely-for-fun summer romance doesn’t grant you a get-out-of-regular-communication card. To some degree, this is a friendship, and communicating honestly is courtesy. Ask questions if they’re on your mind. Answer your partner’s if he asks. There’s no sense in trying to hide things or leaving things unspoken about if one of you wants to know something. You don’t want to leave the relationship with bad blood or to burn any bridges.

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Do protect yourself and your partner

You’re obviously in the right to ask your partner if he’s clean before you have sex, but regardless, you should always protect yourself and your partner. Reduce the risk of your partner leaving you with an unpleasant lasting legacy. (Talk about ruining the fantasy!)

Do learn and grow

Just because you’re not committed to each other doesn’t mean you shouldn’t explore each other’s minds. Taking interest in each other’s feelings and lives doesn’t necessarily mean being sappy or sentimental. You’re not robots. There’s no such thing as a purely detached relationship. Even if you and your partner’s dates consist of making out and fondling each other on the beach at dusk, chances are you’re exchanging a few words on the way there and back. Don’t forget that those conversations can bring you as much pleasure as the physical stuff does.

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Don’t assume

Waltzing into someone’s life and assuming they want exactly the same thing as you do will probably end in some awkward and bitter conversations. Be clear about your fall plans and what you’re looking for from the relationship. You don’t have to divulge all your intentions right after you exchange numbers, but as you reach the point where things edge closer to date-like scenarios, tell your partner where your head’s at. Adjust your transparency to your and your partner’s intimacy levels.

Don’t be numb

A casual summer fling is totally fine as long as you’re fully aware of what you’re doing and why. Don’t just hook up with someone repeatedly if you’re unclear about your reasons for doing it — and in the case of any summer fling, you should be. If you’re fully present, interested and honest when you’re with your partner, great. But if you’re not having fun, then split. Any other reason for partaking in a fling that doesn’t include your fun and enjoyment isn’t right.

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Don’t compromise yourself

From feeling obligated to hang out with your partner to shortchanging some other project you’ve got on the go, compromising your life for your summer fling isn’t right. Your fling should make you better, just like every relationship you choose to enrich your life with. If it doesn’t, then ditch it. Simple as that.

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