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Onesies for adults

Miley Cyrus’ recent twerking video has prompted me to make a confession: I own a onesie.

This wouldn’t be strange if I weren’t a grown man in my late 20s or if my onesie was something masculine, like a dinosaur or a lion, as opposed to a blue unicorn.

Yes, unicorn.

Although this might raise questions about my mental status, which is normal (as far as I know), I say it again, and I say it with pride: I own a onesie.

I initially bought it as a gag to surprise my girlfriend, but the ridiculousness of it left me feeling that it had the potential to be completely and utterly awesome. In short, it was awesome, and my girlfriend loved it. (Yes, forget the suit; ladies LOVE a man in a onesie). And so I present to you, onesies for all occasions!

Family fun

Why not elevate your status to epic by showing up at a family gathering, all dressed in glow-in-the-dark onesies?

Glow in the dark onesie

Or you could test your family’s humour with these “flap jacks.”

Flap jacks onesie

Feel like a kid again

Feed your inner child by selecting a silly onesie like one of these by Kigurumi Canada.

Kigurumi Canada

Comfort over style

And for the skeptics, you can stick to something conservative, like a jumpsuit by Etsy seller 32Onesie.


Or just plain pyjamas that will keep you warm and comfy on a cold evening.

andrea crews bodysuit

OK, maybe not…

Celebrity following

Apparently when celebrities wear onesies, they become “swagga suits,” which is probably what I’m going to start calling my unicorn.

Ed Westwick and Perez Hilton wearing onesies

So throw a onesie party, send us your onesie pictures or videos, and encourage the fun that is the onesie. And if you still haven’t seen Miley’s onesie debut, here it is.

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